Leave Of Absense

I am sorry to all of my followers that I have been fairly quiet over the past couple of weeks! I have had sooo many things on my plate and finally they are all winding down. Here are some of the things I have had to deal with this past month…


1) Impending doom of finals and teachers giving extra work near the end of the semester. UBER STRESSFUL

2) Working on my Photography portfolio

3) Started a new job as a waitress at Friday’s

4) Went to Colorado for a weekend to visit my wonderful Aunt and Uncle

5) Lost my wallet in the airport (Worst thing ever)

So I am sorry blog world! I will do my best to start blogging again! Hopefully finals don’t prove to be as bad as I think they  will be!


Opinions Are Symbols Of Freedom

I am back from Spring Break 2013 everyone! Thank you for understanding my lack of blogging while I have been away. Pictures will come soon 🙂 I would like to try something that I was thinking about while I was relaxing away in New Mexico. I would like to write an opinion piece. It doesn’t necessarily have to be political, but I would like to share some of MY personal ideas and beliefs with you all. Please comment below something you would like to hear an opinon on. It can be anything! I just want to get you guys to choose something interesting you want to read about! So other bloggers and people of the world…. please help!  Thanks guys!