Jeans, Jeans, The Magical Pant

What is the first piece of clothing you think of when you hear “the south”? I know that the first thing that comes to my mind are jeans. Unfortunately the days where everyone had actaul cowboy jeans are over. The new style of jeans are suited for looks, not for rounding up cattle. The sad thing about these new types of jeans is that people have tried to make them into something horrifying to the public eye. The great thing about a pair of jeans is the fit. In todays society people either wear their jeans too loose, or too tight. Let me tell you one thing. Both of these options are terrible.

– Too Loose: When your jeans are too loose (boys mostly), we can see your underpants. I know that all you boys out there smile to yourself and say job well done. This is most definitely not a job well done. I am sorry that your ego thinks that you are “too cool for school” so much that you think that it is ok to wear your jeans at your knees.The other thing I do not get is why you wear a belt. I always see the “saggers” wearing belts. Why is that? One way to tell if your jeans are too loose is if any amount of your undergarments are showing. Let me tell you one last thing, there is nothing better than a guy in a nice, fitted, and clean pair of jeans.

Too Tight: When jeans are too tight,  it is normally not a pretty sight. Ok, enough with the rhyming. Typically girls are the ones that break this rule. When girls wear jeans that are too tight, there are a few things that people really dont want to see. Not only do tight jeans make you look bigger than you are, but they also make an unpleasant experience for everyone else. I am not talking skinny jeans because those are made to be tight. I am talking about jeans that are supposed to be worn as a comfortable look. Not only do tight jeans look bad, but they also are terribly unconfortable. I do not see why people would wear them for their comfort factor alone. Here is one sure way to tell if your jeans are not fitting right…. If any amount of fat, skin, or whatever humps over the sides, then they are too tight. You want a nice straight connection between your jeans and your skin. 


Moral of the story is, please find your right size in jeans. Have a heart to heart with youself and decide a reasonable size for you. You will feel and look better, I promise.