New Listens – Emblem3

Is it just me or do you guys always get super addicted to songs really fast? Today I have found a new favorite. I was bowling and this song came on and I was immediately hooked. I was then determined to find the song so that I could download it ASAP and listen to it on repeat (I have a problem with doing this). I couldn’t find who sang it so it emblem3-album-cover-leadwasnear impossible to find this God sent lullaby I had just heard. A few days later, after I had abandoned all hope of finding this amazing tune I was casually flipping through the new social media app Vine, and came across what looked like a boy band singing this song. Two minutes later and a thank you prayer to God, I finally had Chloe (You’re the One I Want) by Emblem3 downloaded.

I can’t stop listening to it and I am driving my roommate crazy. I went into stalker mode and already have the entire music video almost memorized by heart and the faces of the three adorable X Factor contestants graved into my mind. I may sound like I have just found the long lost Atlantis, but I can assure you that I am not ashamed of my new found boy band obsession! Check out the music video below of my new favorite song.


Man Crush – Harry Styles

cute-harry-styles-one-direction-Favim_com-450208I know that I have already done a Man Crush post on Harry Styles and One Direction, but I thought that Harry  deserves his own post since he is so absolutely lovely! He has been my main squeeze since day one… My man crush of man crushes! I just think that he is adorable and I love his deep raspy voice. Harry just recently turned 19 which means that he is in my dateable range (YAY! This is exciting news). 

One of the most noticeable things about Harry Styles is hisharry-styles-2012-photoshoot-728 gorgeous smile. He has beautiful straight and white teeth, that he can literally knock your socks off when he smiles. Another feature that I find most appealing about Harry is his long, luscious, curly locks of hair. Most people think it is too much, but for me, I think it is just perfect. I really have a thing for men with curly hair, so that would explain my fascination with it.

One of my problems with Harry is that he tends to be harrystylesquite the ladies man when it comes to dating. He not only has dated much older women than him, but also has a numerous amount of short lived relationships. Either you take the whole cake or leave it behind and I choose to take the WHOLE! Just kidding. But I seriously would love to gaze into his beautiful eyes and have him smile at me…. Ahhhhh.tumblr_m70c1d4cAt1r5z65n_1342028902_cover Sorry… back to reality now!  Antoher thing that might be a problem when he decides that I am his one true love, is his many tattoos. It isn’t that I do not like tattos, it is that he has some very strange choices in tattoos. No worries though, that can be sorted out before the wedding.

One of the things I find absolutely adorable with Harry is his weird humor/personality. In One Direction’s video blogs, he seems pretty quiet and reserved, but in their music videos, he is always the one doing something funny and cute. I know I will never get the chance to meet him, but a girl can dream. LOVE YOU HARRY!



Man Crush – Justin Bieber

Although I may not call myself a “Beliber”, I have had a few moments here and there of finding Mr. Justin Bieber attractive. Being one of his 35 million followers, I can for sure say that he has captured the heart of most preteen girls world wide.  I do realize that I am 19 and the typical age that adores Justin is between 5-14, but this doesn’t stop me from jamming to his very repetitive music in my car. I will say one thing that I do not like about the “new” Justin Bieber… I cannot stand his new hair style. It reminds me more of a flamboyant peacock. I really liked the old Bieber style compared to this new style. But nevertheless, I still label Justin as a cutie. He may not have the most perfect music in the world, but he is a good live performer and those are hard to come by in this day and age. Some songs that I really like jamming out to in my car include, As Long As You Love Me, Baby, Never Say Never, Overboard, Boyfriend, and a few others. I just hope that Justin can continue to maintain a good image compared to the many teen stars that have turned into burn outs. So far he has yet to get into any trouble except for some rumors that were never proven true. Good luck Justin!






"New" Beiber Style

“New” Bieber Style

"Old" Traditional Beiber Style

“Old” Traditional Bieber Style















Taylor Swift vs Working Out?

I realize that everybody has a different opinion of Taylor Swift. Mine flips back and   forth depending on who she is dating at the time and if they happen to be on MY future boyfriend list. But besides that fact, I must say that a few of her songs on the new album RED really have intrigued me.Today I actually went to workout at my college’s REC center. I am trying to be better about working out and today marks day one of getting in shape (haha we will see how long that lasts). I brought my ipod and thought I should listen to some hardcore music to get in the “workout” mood. I put on shuffle and guess what… Taylor Swift’s song “I Almost Do” came on (definitely not hardcore). I almost changed it and then just decided to roll with it. Twenty minutes later I have changed from shuffle to the wide range of depressing Taylor Swift songs on my ipod. I don’t know what it was about those songs but it totally fueled my workout mood. I would just close my eyes (like a weirdo) and mouth along with the words (like a bigger weirdo). I don’t know if it was the level of drama in the songs Taylor Swift seems to put out but it helped me rock my thirty minutes of cardio before I was worn out and wanted some greasy chinese food. So if next time you are looking for some workout music and happen to be a slight Swift fan, then set the tunes to her most depressing love tunes and rock on.

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