New Listens – Emblem3

Is it just me or do you guys always get super addicted to songs really fast? Today I have found a new favorite. I was bowling and this song came on and I was immediately hooked. I was then determined to find the song so that I could download it ASAP and listen to it on repeat (I have a problem with doing this). I couldn’t find who sang it so it emblem3-album-cover-leadwasnear impossible to find this God sent lullaby I had just heard. A few days later, after I had abandoned all hope of finding this amazing tune I was casually flipping through the new social media app Vine, and came across what looked like a boy band singing this song. Two minutes later and a thank you prayer to God, I finally had Chloe (You’re the One I Want) by Emblem3 downloaded.

I can’t stop listening to it and I am driving my roommate crazy. I went into stalker mode and already have the entire music video almost memorized by heart and the faces of the three adorable X Factor contestants graved into my mind. I may sound like I have just found the long lost Atlantis, but I can assure you that I am not ashamed of my new found boy band obsession! Check out the music video below of my new favorite song.


Man Crush Tuesday.

Instead of a clever traditional post with a word rhyming with tuesday, I have decided to call it Man Crush Tuesday. Why? Because I love me some hot men.

This week we feature….. ONE DIRECTION. My main obsession. I totally have the infection!. Ew, maybe not. But I sure do think they are a group of cuties. They have definitely┬ácaptivated the world with their teenybop love songs. “THATS WHAT MAKES YOU BEAUTIFUL!” Thanks boys, I appreciate it. Too many sexy pictures of them to choose from…┬áso I have added several here for your enjoyment.

My personal favorite… HARRY STYLES. That is one hot dude.


I’m done. I promise.