No Pain, No Gain

My friend Kelsey and I have decided this week that we are going to get in shape and actually work out. We both decided that first off trying to work out alone is really hard for us, and second of all we need someone to teach us how to work out. So that is how we came to join Piranha Fitness center. The rumor is, is that you can burn up to 950 calories doing Zumba at Piranha. WOW!

They have classes all day everyday that range for Zumba, to Insanity, to abs classes, and even yoga! We started off with the Insanity class (not sure why we picked the hardest one to try first) and it was…insane! You have several blocks of workouts you do with certain reps and sets inside those blocks. Each block is repeated 3 times and I was feeling the burn after just the warm up! Let’s just say that we didn’t last very long before we had to go rent one of Piranha’s towels. I definitely did feel the repercussions from the workout the next day though. I took that as a great sign that I at least was working hard and got something out of it. Since then, we have attended a piloxing class and last night an abs class. I sure do hurt all over, but I know that I will thank myself in the long run. So if you have a little extra time and are like me, then get up and join a fitness center that has tons of classes. It sure does motivate me a lot more to work harder!