New Listens – Emblem3

Is it just me or do you guys always get super addicted to songs really fast? Today I have found a new favorite. I was bowling and this song came on and I was immediately hooked. I was then determined to find the song so that I could download it ASAP and listen to it on repeat (I have a problem with doing this). I couldn’t find who sang it so it emblem3-album-cover-leadwasnear impossible to find this God sent lullaby I had just heard. A few days later, after I had abandoned all hope of finding this amazing tune I was casually flipping through the new social media app Vine, and came across what looked like a boy band singing this song. Two minutes later and a thank you prayer to God, I finally had Chloe (You’re the One I Want) by Emblem3 downloaded.

I can’t stop listening to it and I am driving my roommate crazy. I went into stalker mode and already have the entire music video almost memorized by heart and the faces of the three adorable X Factor contestants graved into my mind. I may sound like I have just found the long lost Atlantis, but I can assure you that I am not ashamed of my new found boy band obsession! Check out the music video below of my new favorite song.


Netflix Of The Week – The Walking Dead

So in the past 24 hours I decided to try something new on Netflix. I have heard so many greats things about this one TV show called The Walking Dead, that I figured I needed to make my own opinion of it. Now I am not the type of girl that is very into scary movies, gore, or anything of that matter, but this TV show was very intriguing. I’m going to tell it to you straight… this is a very gory show. The makeup and effects are amazing, but nevertheless, it is bloody and gross. The story line is one that keeps you on your toes and rooting for the main characters. There is just something about Zombies that make me feel uncomfortable though. Is it because I think that a zombie apocalypse could happen? Maybe, maybe not…but I do know that watching this show made me feel a little jumpy and uneasy about the fate of the world. I told my roommate today that if this ever did happen that I would most definitely be one of the first people to go.

This show has pulled at my heartstrings a few times and has brought me deathly close to tears in only the second episode. You find yourself rooting for these poor people and the show keeps throwing curve balls just when you think everything is starting to be somewhat OK. I would recommend it to people who are not eating lunch first of all or people that are frightened or disgusted by blood and guts. Other than those few details, I would say that the high thrill this show seems to give it’s viewers is what keeps them coming back and watching the next seasons. You just have to know what becomes of your beloved main characters. I can see why so many people have become absolutely addicted to it. All I have to say is to try it out. You will know in the first episode if it is your type of thing or not. Trust me.


The Walking Dead, saison 1


The Hobbit – Review

HOBBITMy boyfriend was obsessed about getting The Hobbit on the day it came out. Even though we did not see it in theaters, he was still buzzing about seeing it. I was interested to see it because I fell in love with the Lord Of The Rings movies after seeing them for the first time. There are a few things I will point out about this movie that I noticed when I was watching it. The FIRST THING is that I realized that this movie was, as my boyfriend called it, a “filler” movie. It gets the giggles out and doesn’t provide as much action as you may had hoped. The good part of a filler movie is that it is filled with tons of story and you can really enjoy the characters without one dying every ten minutes in a fighting scene. Although there was not nearly as much action as I had assumed there would be, I enjoyed the small quirks of the film that made you laugh and focus more on the story line. The SECOND THING Ihobbit2 noticed was that this movie really helped me understand parts of The Lord Of The Rings. If you have not read the books, it can get confusing in the LOTR movies when you are supposed to already know what something is because it was in the book before it. Now that the movie is out, it helps all the people that did not read the books understand a little more of the dynamic in the relationships and more about how everything really happened. For example, in the LOTR movies, Legolas and Gimli start out disliking each other and end up having competitions throughout the movie. This was explained to me in The Hobbit when talking about how the elves and dwarfs do not get along after a great battle when the elves abandoned them. Another example would be the sword “Sting”. This sword lights up blue when orcs are near and is given to Frodo in the LOTR movies. If you have not read The Hobbit, then you would not understand the part where Frodo looks at Gollum with the sword and says, “you have seen this before”. Just watching LOTR movies, you do not really pay attention to this little part. But when watching The Hobbit, suddenly it all makes sense. The THIRD THING I noticed was that I actually enjoyed the movie. I had heard before I watched it that it was too long and boring, but I did not think either of these while watching it. If you really enjoyed the LOTR movies then I would think that you might enjoy The Hobbit. I really would like to get around to reading them one day so that I may understand more about the movies. The acting was great and I enjoyed the cliff hanger at the end. All in all I think that The Hobbit was a good buy. That way, I can watch all the movies together and have a wonderful movie day full of a little story line, a little fighting, and a lot of adventure!



The Vampire Diaries

I have this awesome friend Kelsey (visit her blog HERE) that seems to like every TV show, movie, and book that I do. How often is it that everything you like, one of your best friends likes also? Well the other day Kelsey was really raving about this TV show called Vampire Diaries that she was addicted to on Netflix. She recommended it to me and I finally got around to watching some of the first season yesterday. All I have to say is that I started the first episode at 8pm and was seriously attached to my computer till almost 1am. It was insane how incredibly addicting it was after only the first couple of minutes. Not only are there two extremely cute men, but the suspense and edginess of the show really catches you by suprise. I definitely have to add it to the list of weird coincidences that me and Kelsey have in our taste of entertainment choices. If you like any of the below shows/movies, I would highly suggest you try Vampire Diaries on Netflix!

– Pretty Little Liars, Glee, Harry Potter (my ultimate fav), Hunger Games, Twilight Series, Once, Gilmore Girls, Pitch Perfect, Movies with Amanda Bynes (Shes The Man, Sydney White, ect), and many others!

If you have any suggestions on TV shows that may be somewhat similar to these, please feel free to share below! I am a college student and use Netflix heavily!


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5 TV Characters I Would Totally Date

1. Jim Halpert. Not only is Jim just adorable in the TV show The Office, but he is insanely cute as well. He has a quick sense of humor and an eye for trouble, but never fails to amaze us with his kind and loving personality.

2. Ezra Fitz. This hot english teacher from Pretty Little Liars definitely would have me paying attention in class. Who cares if he is dating a student played to be MUCH younger than him? That’s actually the only dangerous things about this harmless gem.  He is also pinned as naive and sensitive, but  has a romantic spark in him that any girl would fall in love with.

3. Ted Mosby. How is Ted single through 1000 seasons of How I Met Your Mother? Ted is a aspiring  to be a big name architect that just has bad luck with love. He is hilarious without even trying and has a great group of friends any girlfriend would want their boyfriend to be around. Ted seems like he would be a great boyfriend that truly cared about the girls feelings. Mostly because Ted is portrayed as sensitive and emotional as the girls he dates. Setting aside that fact… I would totally date the crap out of him.

4. Marshall Eriksen. Again from How I Met Your Mother, Marshall is the most literal term of the”Perfect Husband”. He is hilarious and will put up with just about anything. Being sensitive and sweet he only comes off as a big teddy bear. He makes being a great husband look EASY.

5. Prince Charming. In the hit TV show Once, Prince Charming definitely takes the term hot to a whole different level. Running around in tights in all the episodes definitely don’t make him difficult on the eyes. He is brave, smart, daring, and very caring towards the people he loves and protects. Any girl would be swept off their feet by an man of such respect and elegance.


Les Mis’erables – Review

Although this movie may be about “The Miserable”, it definitely was not miserable to sit through! I have to be honest though, I was a little worried whether Hugh Jackman could sing or not. Turns out that he actually did quite a fantastic job of portraying the role. For those of you who do not know the summary of the story, here it goes. Set during the French Revolution, there is a man newly released from prison who had only stolen a load of bread for his family. Jean Valjean (ex criminal) devotes his life to living the godly way and to make a new name for himself. All this time not showing up to his parole officer and being chased down by Javert (Russell Crowe) throughout the entire movie. Valjean rescues a little girl by the name of Cosette (Amanda Seyfried), daughter of new found prostitute Fantine (Anne Hathaway). Valjean takes care of Cosette and we flash forwards several years to the next part of the movie. Still hiding from Javert, Valjean has several hiding out houses that he and Cosette move to and from in times of danger. Cosette, now a beautiful young teenager, falls in love with rebel Marius (Eddie Redmayne) who one of the main planners of the upcoming attack to start the revolution. Javert finds out that Valjean and Cosette are un town so they must move quickly. Cosette and Marius write one last love letter to each other which is intercepted by Valjean. He realizes that his daughter needs a husband and decides to go to the barricade where the rebels are and protect Marius from harm. When the bloody scenes start, Marius gets shot early and Valjean carries his limp body through mud and sewer to get away from the death and despair of the barricade. They run in Javert who is read to arrest Valjean. Valjean pleads with Javert to at least let him take his daughter Marius. Javert has a epiphany due to the several times Valjean has saved his life throughout the movie. After He lets Valjean by he jumps off the top of a building ending his characters life. In the end of the movie Marius and Cosette get married. They owe their lives to Valjean for saving Marius. In the last couple scenes, Valjean is escorted to heaven by Cosette’s mother Fantine. They all sing together and BAM! End of the movie.

I have to say that if you are not a fan of operas and musicals then you most likely will not enjoy this movie. Although advertised as a musical, it is more like an opera. I say this because there are only four or five words spoken the entire movie. If you do not understand the basic story of the movie it is a little hard to follow because of the continuous singing of words. Over all it was a fantastic production and won BEST MOVIE at the Golden Globes. The cast is great and the singing superb. I would recommend this movie to anybody!