Too Many T-Shirts? NEVER!

So I actually did ALL my laundry yesterday. This is a major accomplishment in my life since I always feel like I am doing laundry! The sad part about this, is that I now know that all my clothes do not fit in my closet.  I actually had to go out and buy a “shirt holder thing” so that I could at least hang the majority of my “nicer” clothes and fold my t-shirts. The result was even more horrifying than before.

Let me ask you a question… feel free to comment the answer below. HOW MANY T-SHIRTS DO YOU OWN? And, “HOW MANY T-SHIRTS IS TOO MUCH? I would like to know your opinion on this… The reason I ask is because I realized that 90% or my wardrobe is t-shirts. If I had to guess how many I had, I would probably put the number at about 60? Maybe higher?? The picture is of my new “shirt AAAAAAAAAAAAholder thing”, and the sight is frightening. If that doesn’t make you squirm, then here is another little piece of information for you…. THOSE ARE NOT ALL MY T-SHIRTS! Each little section on the holder maxes out at about 12 shirts… I actually ran out of room on the holder and had to get drawers to stuff the rest of them in. Now you might be wondering where I accumulated all of these t-shirts…? Well, various places. High school band, color guard, golf, NHS, shattered dreams – College football, basketball, soccer, baseball – family vacations, fourth of july, almost every type of t-shirt you can think of… I have it! I think this has made me realize that I need actual clothes to wear. Nevertheless, it looks like I need to do some spring cleaning!


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