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This week I was in line to get on of my workout gym’s famous fruit smoothies. As I was standing there, I decided that I was going to try and make my own delicious, healthy, and filling smoothie. So I got out of line and headed to my grocery store to see what I could come up with. After wandering the isles of HEB, I finally had the ingredients I wanted to try. This was going to be my masterpiece. When I have made smoothies in the past, they always ended up too thick, or really watery, not sweet enough/too sweet, and all around not very awesome. I have absolutely nailed it on the head this time!

What do you want in a smoothie? For me There are 3 rules, 1) Eliminate the fat content 2) Get antioxidants and other good “stuff” from fresh fruit 3) Make sure that it tastes good and has a creamy like texture. If you follow my recipe, you will find all of these in your smoothie.

       1) When making your own smoothie, you want to make sure the ingredients are affordable and easily accessible. These ingredients are at every store and there are plenty of brands for you to choose from! I started by finding a base for my smoothie.Ingredients In the past I had used juice which I found to over power the smoothie and make it too watery. This time I headed for the yogurt section. After looking at yogurts I finally decided that I would get a pre-made smoothie and use it as my base. This would make my smoothie creamy instead of watery. To eliminate fat gain, I purchase a “light” smoothie” which included no fat at all! Next I headed to milk. I didn’t want my smoothie to be so creamy it was hard to drink. I purchased FAT FREE milk to make sure I followed the first rule I made which was making sure there was NO FAT in my smoothie. Next I went to the frozen section and bought “Organic Mixed Berries”. This saves you  A LOT of money when your other option would be buying individual containers of fruit. The package I bought had no additives, which means that I am not adding excess sugars to my smoothie. This is following rule NUMER 2. After you find the fruit you want, you’re done at the grocery store! YAY!!

       2) To make the smoothie you need to grab your blender! Lay out your ingredients in Yogurtfront of you to make sure you have everything. It should look like the photo above! Next what I want you to do is to take your yogurt smoothie you purchased and dump the entire bottle into your blender! The yogurt smoothie I purchased was Activia’s Pina Colada “light” smoothie. They have many flavors but I LOVE pina colada. The other good thing about this particular brand is that it will help your digestive system! Healthy ALL around.

3) Next you want to add the berries! I say you can do add much as you want on this part. But what I have learned is that it usually works best if you add about 1/2 to 3/4 a cup of berries into the blender. You also want to make sure that you have all the types of berries in the blender. I found that the larger strawberries like to hide at the bottom of the bag, and they are what gives your smoothie a lot of the sweetness that you will want.

       4) Next add the milk and the ice. I have found that adding as much milk or a little under as the yogurt content works nicely. Then to top it off only add TWO cubes of ice. If you add more it will be choppy in your smoothie and make it too thick. Depending on how big your smoothie is looking, you could add three if two is not enough… But you can always add more later when you have started blending. The result of all these ingredients should look like the picture to the right above.  

      5) MIX THE SMOOTHIE – Hopefully there is no need for more explanation here. Make sure you at least mix it for twenty or more seconds.. Even shake it around a bit.

      6) The end result in your blender should look like so…. 

Step 5


       7) The end result should be creamy yet still drinkable. It should taste absolutely yummy or you did something wrong! This smoothie has 4 or more grams of protein that will help rebuild your muscles after a long workout!  

I hope you enjoyed! If you have suggestions or tried it a different way, please comment below!!





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