Man Crush – Harry Styles

cute-harry-styles-one-direction-Favim_com-450208I know that I have already done a Man Crush post on Harry Styles and One Direction, but I thought that Harry  deserves his own post since he is so absolutely lovely! He has been my main squeeze since day one… My man crush of man crushes! I just think that he is adorable and I love his deep raspy voice. Harry just recently turned 19 which means that he is in my dateable range (YAY! This is exciting news). 

One of the most noticeable things about Harry Styles is hisharry-styles-2012-photoshoot-728 gorgeous smile. He has beautiful straight and white teeth, that he can literally knock your socks off when he smiles. Another feature that I find most appealing about Harry is his long, luscious, curly locks of hair. Most people think it is too much, but for me, I think it is just perfect. I really have a thing for men with curly hair, so that would explain my fascination with it.

One of my problems with Harry is that he tends to be harrystylesquite the ladies man when it comes to dating. He not only has dated much older women than him, but also has a numerous amount of short lived relationships. Either you take the whole cake or leave it behind and I choose to take the WHOLE! Just kidding. But I seriously would love to gaze into his beautiful eyes and have him smile at me…. Ahhhhh.tumblr_m70c1d4cAt1r5z65n_1342028902_cover Sorry… back to reality now!  Antoher thing that might be a problem when he decides that I am his one true love, is his many tattoos. It isn’t that I do not like tattos, it is that he has some very strange choices in tattoos. No worries though, that can be sorted out before the wedding.

One of the things I find absolutely adorable with Harry is his weird humor/personality. In One Direction’s video blogs, he seems pretty quiet and reserved, but in their music videos, he is always the one doing something funny and cute. I know I will never get the chance to meet him, but a girl can dream. LOVE YOU HARRY!



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