Women And Their Throne – Bathroom Talk

Today I am going to give you a look into my personal bathroom space and share with you the products I have learned to love and hate! I will also show you how I personalized my bathroom to make it cute and colorful!

~ Decoration – Girl Style:

 So I always wanted to have the “pinterest perfect” bathroom. It needed to be bright, colorful, and Bathroom Decororganized. I would have to say that I think I accomplished these goals pretty well. I started with aTote and Drawers shower curtain that I liked from Bed Bath and Beyond. I then found things that matched those colors.
For example, my trashcan, flowers, potpourri, picture frames, towels, toothbrush holder, and even my hair dryer had to match! I bought a bathroom bookshelf 
(as I call them) and decided it was a perfect opportunity to add some more decor (flowers and potpourri). I found these items at a Hobby Lobby on clearance. I really liked the idea of having flowers in my bathroom. To me flowers represent cleanliness
and good smells, which I wanted to be incorporated in the essence of the room. **Next I wanted to find a way to be able to organize all my makeup, hair stuff, lotion, and medicines for easy access. I found a drawer organizer at Target for cheap and decided to personalize it for my bathroom. I bought some sharpie markers and started coloring. It would give my bathroom a personalized look and would give me an easy way to store normally messy things. I organized my drawers into MAKEUP, HAIR & LOTION, and MEDICINE.






My bathroom tote I also bought at Target and again decided to decorate. I liked this idea so much that I bought about six more Holderand decorated them for my friends with bathroom essentials for graduation presents (HUGE success)! I actually decided that instead of decorating my own tote, I let my mom decorate it so I could have something that she personalized for me at all times. These two items have saved me so much time and effort! I will always have to have something similar to them because they have made my life so darn easy. **Another accessory I LOVE in my bathroom is my Hair Appliances holder. I always run into the problem of not knowing where to keep my hair dryer, straightener, and messy brush. This solved all my problems! I was pretty cheap at Bed Bath and Beyond and has been super useful. It allows easy access to your appliances, but hides all the yucky cords and makes for a cute display! 

~ Products that I LOVE:

 MY MAKEUP – In this picture are the bare essentials that I use when I am putting on a face for school or hanging out. Starting on the right you have your cover girl “pencil” black eyeliner. I tend to think my eyes look better in black liner than others. It seems to make the color pop more. I usually only put liner on the top lashes and I don’t put it very thick. Too much effort and time for a normal day outMakeup in my opinion. Next we have my ultimate favorite mascara EVER. Cover Girl Lash Blast Volume has been my go to mascara for about five years now. I keep trying to try other products from Cover Girl, but none compare to the orange tube. The bristles on the brush are soft but are still firm enough to coat and separate each eyelash to my liking. Sometimes if I have an empty tube I will use the old brush to comb my eyelashes after using another mascara. You really cant go wrong with  it. The green tube below is Cover Girls new mascara that is said to be a “clump crusher”. In my opinion, the bristles are too hard and it doesn’t apply enough mascara for my liking. Since I bought it, I use it and the other mascara together to at least not let it go to waste. The next mascara is a basic Cover Girl mascara. It was supposed to be both volume and length in one tube, but I have found that it is less quality that the orange tube. Nevertheless I will still use it till I run out to get my moneys worth. Next you see my traditional eyelash curler. This the mechanism is a girls best friend. It Cleanercan make any type of eyelashes look longer than before. And to that, I owe it a huge thank you. Next we have my Ulta pressed face powder. I LOVE this stuff. I am still on my first case of it and I really like how it spreads evenly and looks lovely. I have not had luck in the past with face powders and finding my right shade, but this one hit my skin color right on the nose.  Next we have your standard cheap brush I bought in my cosmetics isle at my grocery store. It is soft and hasn’t shed like other brushes so I am still pleased with it! ** Spritz, Sprays, and Goos – 1) If you are like me and have oily skin, you know that acne can be a problem. When I was in middle school I had bad acne and tried almost everything to cure it. If only I had known about my current face wash!  I saw a commercial for it and decided to give it a try last year. I buy the generic brand because I find that it works the same for cheaper. It smells wonderful and really gives me a clean feeling after I wash my face. I LOVE it. I haven’t had any badPerfume acne since I started using it. The only thing I recommend though is using it every morning and every night. 2) I have learned to love Bath and Body Works. If you shop right, you can get really quality stuff for cheap! My body spray and my perfume only cost me $6 all together because they were both on clearance! I absolutely love the smells and find that if I put on the body spray earlier in the morning and then spray a little perfume on top later, they make a wonderful smell! I also have a small collection of hand sanitizers of BABW. They have so IMG_2822many different kinds that all smell so wonderful! I love their collections of smells. 3) For my hair, I typically don’t do anything but blow dry it. But if I am feeling like scrunching my hair and making it a curly day, then I use this beach waves concoction. Be careful though, because if you get too much it will make your hair look stiff and gross. I use it when my hair is in-between the wet and dry phase. I haven’t used the diffuser yet but my hair isn’t soaking. I will have been scrunching it since I got out of the shower and it should be looking pretty fluffy and wavy by then. I spritz the beach wave spray around at the tips scrunching as I go. I then use the diffuser to try and dry the hair with the spray in it. Then after drying it, I gently spray a little more scrunching as I go. It’s more like a stiff hair spray at this point. I usually end up  liking the result if I have had time to pay attention to my hair in the morning which is rare occurrence.

Thank you for reading this post on bathroom stuff! If you want to see me use the makeup products shown here, check out my tutorial video HERE.  If you have anything to say about these products of products of your own, SHARE them below!! 




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