The Hobbit – Review

HOBBITMy boyfriend was obsessed about getting The Hobbit on the day it came out. Even though we did not see it in theaters, he was still buzzing about seeing it. I was interested to see it because I fell in love with the Lord Of The Rings movies after seeing them for the first time. There are a few things I will point out about this movie that I noticed when I was watching it. The FIRST THING is that I realized that this movie was, as my boyfriend called it, a “filler” movie. It gets the giggles out and doesn’t provide as much action as you may had hoped. The good part of a filler movie is that it is filled with tons of story and you can really enjoy the characters without one dying every ten minutes in a fighting scene. Although there was not nearly as much action as I had assumed there would be, I enjoyed the small quirks of the film that made you laugh and focus more on the story line. The SECOND THING Ihobbit2 noticed was that this movie really helped me understand parts of The Lord Of The Rings. If you have not read the books, it can get confusing in the LOTR movies when you are supposed to already know what something is because it was in the book before it. Now that the movie is out, it helps all the people that did not read the books understand a little more of the dynamic in the relationships and more about how everything really happened. For example, in the LOTR movies, Legolas and Gimli start out disliking each other and end up having competitions throughout the movie. This was explained to me in The Hobbit when talking about how the elves and dwarfs do not get along after a great battle when the elves abandoned them. Another example would be the sword “Sting”. This sword lights up blue when orcs are near and is given to Frodo in the LOTR movies. If you have not read The Hobbit, then you would not understand the part where Frodo looks at Gollum with the sword and says, “you have seen this before”. Just watching LOTR movies, you do not really pay attention to this little part. But when watching The Hobbit, suddenly it all makes sense. The THIRD THING I noticed was that I actually enjoyed the movie. I had heard before I watched it that it was too long and boring, but I did not think either of these while watching it. If you really enjoyed the LOTR movies then I would think that you might enjoy The Hobbit. I really would like to get around to reading them one day so that I may understand more about the movies. The acting was great and I enjoyed the cliff hanger at the end. All in all I think that The Hobbit was a good buy. That way, I can watch all the movies together and have a wonderful movie day full of a little story line, a little fighting, and a lot of adventure!



2 thoughts on “The Hobbit – Review

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  2. rrrdfsjikn
    I love anything to do with the Hobbit, or LOTR…
    Richard Armitage is beautiful…even as a dwarf…
    this film is amazing

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