Fifty Shades of Five

In the summer of 2012, there was a lot of talk about this new series of books. I heard it was a love story, a nasty and inappropriate novel, a fantasy, a bad book, and a good book. Being 19, I made the decision that I was mature and old enough to read such a dangerous novel. My impression of them? I really enjoyed them. Once you get past the sexual parts it becomes a really interesting and sweet love story. I can say that it was definitely not for the faint of heart readers. It was very explicit and should be read with extreme caution! There has been talk of making a movie on the books. I say it would be impossible because it would end up being a long porno and nobody could go see it in the theaters. It does bring up the thought though of who would play Christian Grey, the mysterious, sexual, and gorgeous character. Here are my top 5 picks of who would make the sexiest and most adorable Christian Greys.

1) Matt BomerYES YES YES… I know he is gay. It’s called acting ladies and gentlemen! How many people knew that Barney from HIMYM (Neil Patrick Harris) was gay? Exactly my point. Matt Bomer follows all the rules when it comes to playing this part. He is hot, dark, has gorgeous eyes, and can be sexily mysterious. For all the people who think Matt Bomer would rock this part… let me hear an AMEN!

Matt bomer

2) Christian BaleMaybe it is the name similarity, but I think Christian would play an awesome Christian! He did play Batman after all. So we all already know that  Mr. Bale is masculine, sharp, and sexy. If you have ever seen American Psycho (creepy movie) then you will know that he can also play some really weird parts too. In other words… I would have no problems with this arrangement!

Christian bale

3) Ian SomerhalderIf you guys keep up with the blog, then you would know that I have done a Man Crush post on him seen HERE. Ian plays dark and sexy characters in most of the roles he has been in. In my opinion, there was no question as to why he should make this list. He actually resembles a lot of the features that the author provides us with about Christian Grey. He has a strong and chiseled jaw, luscious dark locks, and piercing gorgeous eyes! If you are looking to find other things Ian has been in, check out The Vampire Diaries and my review on it HERE.  Ian would most definitely be one of my top choices if I was deciding who to cast at this role. He has even come out and said he wouldn’t mind taking it! YAY!


4) Liam HemsworthOk so Liam may be a little young to play this part, but since he is going to turn out a lot like his brother Chris, I would say give him a few years and he will be ripe and ready for it. He has a beautifully sculpted body and a sexy demeanor that would make any woman melt. The only problem would be if his fiance Miley Cyrus wouldn’t let him wander around doing all those love scenes. Beside that fact, Liam would make a handsome and lovely Christian Grey.

Liam Hemsowrth

5) Chris PineIt seems that all these guys I have picked have one thing in common…. gorgeous blue eyes (except for Christian Bale)! Chris Pine definitely falls into this category! He is so incredibly smooth and just plain adorable. I really loved him in Star Trek and The Princess Diaries 2! He has a cute sense of humor that he brings to his roles that would be really useful when playing this dark, romantic, but sometimes humorous part.Three cheers for Chris Pine!

chris pine


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