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I feel like when websites show pictures with step by step recipes, that they always have a professional photographer take the pictures. How can it look so good and then when you try to make it, it looks absolutely nothing like the websites? This is not how my recipes will work. I will give you actual pictures from my phone so that you know exactly what you are getting in to when you make the dish. The other thing about recipes that I post is that they will be easy. Basically if a broke college student can make it afforable and fast, you should be able to too.

Today I made up my own version of a recipe I found on Pinterest called Avocado Mac & Cheese. I decided to make it a tad healthier and easier since I did not want to go buy a whole bunch of fancy ingredients that I will never use again. I took me only about 20 minutes, but it was my first time and I know I could cut it down to about 10 after some practice. Here are the ingredients…

The equivalents of this recipe are for about 2 people. Add more if your group is bigger!

1) 1 avocado (2 people) or 2 avocados (five people)

2) Your choice of pasta

3) 2 cups milk ( fat free = healthier)

4) 2 tbls of flour

5) 2 tbls of butter (I used low fat margarine)

6) 1 garlic clove (or garlic salt)

7) Salt and Pepper

8) 2 or more cups of shredded low fat cheddar cheese

Simple enough right? I had these things lying around my kitchen so I did not have to go to the store… YAY! 🙂

Let’s start cooking!

STEP 1: First thing you do it make sure you have some good avocados. I LOVE avocado so I grew up being able to pick the perfect one. Finding thestep 1 perfect avocado has EVERYTHING to do with being sucessful in this recipe. You want it to be fairly soft all around. You want to make sure there are no major bruises or separations from the skin when picking an avocado. I needs to feel a little firmer than if you were squeezing your forearm. * REMINDER* – Start boiling the water for your pasta before starting the guacamole!! You take your avocado and  you want to slice it all the way around from top to bottom. Pull the halves apart and hopefully it will be a step 11beautiful green. If you have some brownish spots then you can take a fork or spoon and scoop them out. Next I want you to slice your avocado into little cubes in the skin. Take the pit out of the other half and do the same. Then take a fork and scoop them out of the skin. Make sure you get all the green flesh attached to the skin at the bottom… this is where a lot of the flavor comes from. After taking the entire and hopefully yummy avocado out, you want to take your fork and mash it around real quick. If you were successful in choosing a good avocado, it should start to look creamy. Stop when your avocado looks fairly mashed up and add garlic. This is where you can choose to be fancy and mince some garlic, or you can easily do it with garlic salt. I did it both ways. I minced one clove and then added some garlic salt. In my opinion, I would just add garlic salt. Not only is it much easier, but it takes less time and effort but still has the same great taste. Now you might be asking, how much garlic salt do I add? Well this is completely up to yourstep 2 taste. I tend to like more because it brings out a really good flavor. I play around with it until I find what I like. I would suggest putting very little in and then trying it just in case you find it very over powering. I usually step 3just lightly cover the mashed avocado and then stir it in. Now you have the avocado part ready for the Mac & Cheese. STEP 2: Hopefully your water will be boiling by this point and you can add your pasta! Mine usually takes about 10 minutes to boil so the timing should be perfect. Now we are going to start the cheese sauce. You want a small to medium sized sauce pan for this cstep 5heese concoction. Turn it on about medium heat and add the butter, flour, and a little milk. When the butter has melted, these ingredients should be more on a pasty side texture. If it is too pasty in your opinion, you can add more milk. You do not want it too globby or it will not make a good cheese sauce! When it gets to a good consistency, then you are ready to add the cheese! I just buy packaged shredded cheese but if you really wanted to get fancy then you could shred it yourself. I start out adding about two cups worth of the cheese. What is a cheese sauce if you can’t even taste the step 6cheese?? The cheese should melt immediately and make this sauce more of a orange color. The sauce should be a little thicker. A problem I ran into was the fact that it got too thick. To help with this I added more milk and then more cheese to keep the flavor. STEP 3: guac pastaBy this time your pasta should be about boiled. If not, then wait a couple minutes until it is ready. When it is done, strain the pasta and put it back into the pot. I added the guacamole concoction first to the pasta. I scooped most of the avocado into the pot and stirred it up with the pasta. The result looked something like the picture on the left. One problem I ran into when adding these final ingredients is that I put too much of both. This ended up making my pasta more soupy than I had intended. I would say add half of both sauces and then go from there to the correct guac cheeseconsistency! After adding the guac, it is time to add the cheese! Pour as much as you like into the pasta and then stir it up. It should end up as a creamy mixture of a darker pale green pasta! Like I said, mine was VERY saucy so I probably would have only used half of the sauces. All in all I thought the flavor was awesome. You can always add salt and pepper to taste if you need more flavor! Definitely a pasta for avocado lovers!

Thank you for reading this recipe! If you happen to try it, please comment and let me know! I also would love to hear suggestions on how to make it better or if you tried it a different way!

me and cheese




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