Post Workout Smoothie – College Girl Recipes

This week I was in line to get on of my workout gym’s famous fruit smoothies. As I was standing there, I decided that I was going to try and make my own delicious, healthy, and filling smoothie. So I got out of line and headed to my grocery store to see what I could come up with. After wandering the isles of HEB, I finally had the ingredients I wanted to try. This was going to be my masterpiece. When I have made smoothies in the past, they always ended up too thick, or really watery, not sweet enough/too sweet, and all around not very awesome. I have absolutely nailed it on the head this time!

What do you want in a smoothie? For me There are 3 rules, 1) Eliminate the fat content 2) Get antioxidants and other good “stuff” from fresh fruit 3) Make sure that it tastes good and has a creamy like texture. If you follow my recipe, you will find all of these in your smoothie.

       1) When making your own smoothie, you want to make sure the ingredients are affordable and easily accessible. These ingredients are at every store and there are plenty of brands for you to choose from! I started by finding a base for my smoothie.Ingredients In the past I had used juice which I found to over power the smoothie and make it too watery. This time I headed for the yogurt section. After looking at yogurts I finally decided that I would get a pre-made smoothie and use it as my base. This would make my smoothie creamy instead of watery. To eliminate fat gain, I purchase a “light” smoothie” which included no fat at all! Next I headed to milk. I didn’t want my smoothie to be so creamy it was hard to drink. I purchased FAT FREE milk to make sure I followed the first rule I made which was making sure there was NO FAT in my smoothie. Next I went to the frozen section and bought “Organic Mixed Berries”. This saves you  A LOT of money when your other option would be buying individual containers of fruit. The package I bought had no additives, which means that I am not adding excess sugars to my smoothie. This is following rule NUMER 2. After you find the fruit you want, you’re done at the grocery store! YAY!!

       2) To make the smoothie you need to grab your blender! Lay out your ingredients in Yogurtfront of you to make sure you have everything. It should look like the photo above! Next what I want you to do is to take your yogurt smoothie you purchased and dump the entire bottle into your blender! The yogurt smoothie I purchased was Activia’s Pina Colada “light” smoothie. They have many flavors but I LOVE pina colada. The other good thing about this particular brand is that it will help your digestive system! Healthy ALL around.

3) Next you want to add the berries! I say you can do add much as you want on this part. But what I have learned is that it usually works best if you add about 1/2 to 3/4 a cup of berries into the blender. You also want to make sure that you have all the types of berries in the blender. I found that the larger strawberries like to hide at the bottom of the bag, and they are what gives your smoothie a lot of the sweetness that you will want.

       4) Next add the milk and the ice. I have found that adding as much milk or a little under as the yogurt content works nicely. Then to top it off only add TWO cubes of ice. If you add more it will be choppy in your smoothie and make it too thick. Depending on how big your smoothie is looking, you could add three if two is not enough… But you can always add more later when you have started blending. The result of all these ingredients should look like the picture to the right above.  

      5) MIX THE SMOOTHIE – Hopefully there is no need for more explanation here. Make sure you at least mix it for twenty or more seconds.. Even shake it around a bit.

      6) The end result in your blender should look like so…. 

Step 5


       7) The end result should be creamy yet still drinkable. It should taste absolutely yummy or you did something wrong! This smoothie has 4 or more grams of protein that will help rebuild your muscles after a long workout!  

I hope you enjoyed! If you have suggestions or tried it a different way, please comment below!!





Is It Just Me?

Is it just me or has Taco Bell gotten a little inappropriate with their sauce packet sayings? They use to be cute and quirky little sayings, but now they are intended to be sexual in my opinion. I’ll let you decide for yourself.


What do you think??


Too Many T-Shirts? NEVER!

So I actually did ALL my laundry yesterday. This is a major accomplishment in my life since I always feel like I am doing laundry! The sad part about this, is that I now know that all my clothes do not fit in my closet.  I actually had to go out and buy a “shirt holder thing” so that I could at least hang the majority of my “nicer” clothes and fold my t-shirts. The result was even more horrifying than before.

Let me ask you a question… feel free to comment the answer below. HOW MANY T-SHIRTS DO YOU OWN? And, “HOW MANY T-SHIRTS IS TOO MUCH? I would like to know your opinion on this… The reason I ask is because I realized that 90% or my wardrobe is t-shirts. If I had to guess how many I had, I would probably put the number at about 60? Maybe higher?? The picture is of my new “shirt AAAAAAAAAAAAholder thing”, and the sight is frightening. If that doesn’t make you squirm, then here is another little piece of information for you…. THOSE ARE NOT ALL MY T-SHIRTS! Each little section on the holder maxes out at about 12 shirts… I actually ran out of room on the holder and had to get drawers to stuff the rest of them in. Now you might be wondering where I accumulated all of these t-shirts…? Well, various places. High school band, color guard, golf, NHS, shattered dreams – College football, basketball, soccer, baseball – family vacations, fourth of july, almost every type of t-shirt you can think of… I have it! I think this has made me realize that I need actual clothes to wear. Nevertheless, it looks like I need to do some spring cleaning!


Man Crush – Harry Styles

cute-harry-styles-one-direction-Favim_com-450208I know that I have already done a Man Crush post on Harry Styles and One Direction, but I thought that Harry  deserves his own post since he is so absolutely lovely! He has been my main squeeze since day one… My man crush of man crushes! I just think that he is adorable and I love his deep raspy voice. Harry just recently turned 19 which means that he is in my dateable range (YAY! This is exciting news). 

One of the most noticeable things about Harry Styles is hisharry-styles-2012-photoshoot-728 gorgeous smile. He has beautiful straight and white teeth, that he can literally knock your socks off when he smiles. Another feature that I find most appealing about Harry is his long, luscious, curly locks of hair. Most people think it is too much, but for me, I think it is just perfect. I really have a thing for men with curly hair, so that would explain my fascination with it.

One of my problems with Harry is that he tends to be harrystylesquite the ladies man when it comes to dating. He not only has dated much older women than him, but also has a numerous amount of short lived relationships. Either you take the whole cake or leave it behind and I choose to take the WHOLE! Just kidding. But I seriously would love to gaze into his beautiful eyes and have him smile at me…. Ahhhhh.tumblr_m70c1d4cAt1r5z65n_1342028902_cover Sorry… back to reality now!  Antoher thing that might be a problem when he decides that I am his one true love, is his many tattoos. It isn’t that I do not like tattos, it is that he has some very strange choices in tattoos. No worries though, that can be sorted out before the wedding.

One of the things I find absolutely adorable with Harry is his weird humor/personality. In One Direction’s video blogs, he seems pretty quiet and reserved, but in their music videos, he is always the one doing something funny and cute. I know I will never get the chance to meet him, but a girl can dream. LOVE YOU HARRY!



Women And Their Throne – Bathroom Talk

Today I am going to give you a look into my personal bathroom space and share with you the products I have learned to love and hate! I will also show you how I personalized my bathroom to make it cute and colorful!

~ Decoration – Girl Style:

 So I always wanted to have the “pinterest perfect” bathroom. It needed to be bright, colorful, and Bathroom Decororganized. I would have to say that I think I accomplished these goals pretty well. I started with aTote and Drawers shower curtain that I liked from Bed Bath and Beyond. I then found things that matched those colors.
For example, my trashcan, flowers, potpourri, picture frames, towels, toothbrush holder, and even my hair dryer had to match! I bought a bathroom bookshelf 
(as I call them) and decided it was a perfect opportunity to add some more decor (flowers and potpourri). I found these items at a Hobby Lobby on clearance. I really liked the idea of having flowers in my bathroom. To me flowers represent cleanliness
and good smells, which I wanted to be incorporated in the essence of the room. **Next I wanted to find a way to be able to organize all my makeup, hair stuff, lotion, and medicines for easy access. I found a drawer organizer at Target for cheap and decided to personalize it for my bathroom. I bought some sharpie markers and started coloring. It would give my bathroom a personalized look and would give me an easy way to store normally messy things. I organized my drawers into MAKEUP, HAIR & LOTION, and MEDICINE.






My bathroom tote I also bought at Target and again decided to decorate. I liked this idea so much that I bought about six more Holderand decorated them for my friends with bathroom essentials for graduation presents (HUGE success)! I actually decided that instead of decorating my own tote, I let my mom decorate it so I could have something that she personalized for me at all times. These two items have saved me so much time and effort! I will always have to have something similar to them because they have made my life so darn easy. **Another accessory I LOVE in my bathroom is my Hair Appliances holder. I always run into the problem of not knowing where to keep my hair dryer, straightener, and messy brush. This solved all my problems! I was pretty cheap at Bed Bath and Beyond and has been super useful. It allows easy access to your appliances, but hides all the yucky cords and makes for a cute display! 

~ Products that I LOVE:

 MY MAKEUP – In this picture are the bare essentials that I use when I am putting on a face for school or hanging out. Starting on the right you have your cover girl “pencil” black eyeliner. I tend to think my eyes look better in black liner than others. It seems to make the color pop more. I usually only put liner on the top lashes and I don’t put it very thick. Too much effort and time for a normal day outMakeup in my opinion. Next we have my ultimate favorite mascara EVER. Cover Girl Lash Blast Volume has been my go to mascara for about five years now. I keep trying to try other products from Cover Girl, but none compare to the orange tube. The bristles on the brush are soft but are still firm enough to coat and separate each eyelash to my liking. Sometimes if I have an empty tube I will use the old brush to comb my eyelashes after using another mascara. You really cant go wrong with  it. The green tube below is Cover Girls new mascara that is said to be a “clump crusher”. In my opinion, the bristles are too hard and it doesn’t apply enough mascara for my liking. Since I bought it, I use it and the other mascara together to at least not let it go to waste. The next mascara is a basic Cover Girl mascara. It was supposed to be both volume and length in one tube, but I have found that it is less quality that the orange tube. Nevertheless I will still use it till I run out to get my moneys worth. Next you see my traditional eyelash curler. This the mechanism is a girls best friend. It Cleanercan make any type of eyelashes look longer than before. And to that, I owe it a huge thank you. Next we have my Ulta pressed face powder. I LOVE this stuff. I am still on my first case of it and I really like how it spreads evenly and looks lovely. I have not had luck in the past with face powders and finding my right shade, but this one hit my skin color right on the nose.  Next we have your standard cheap brush I bought in my cosmetics isle at my grocery store. It is soft and hasn’t shed like other brushes so I am still pleased with it! ** Spritz, Sprays, and Goos – 1) If you are like me and have oily skin, you know that acne can be a problem. When I was in middle school I had bad acne and tried almost everything to cure it. If only I had known about my current face wash!  I saw a commercial for it and decided to give it a try last year. I buy the generic brand because I find that it works the same for cheaper. It smells wonderful and really gives me a clean feeling after I wash my face. I LOVE it. I haven’t had any badPerfume acne since I started using it. The only thing I recommend though is using it every morning and every night. 2) I have learned to love Bath and Body Works. If you shop right, you can get really quality stuff for cheap! My body spray and my perfume only cost me $6 all together because they were both on clearance! I absolutely love the smells and find that if I put on the body spray earlier in the morning and then spray a little perfume on top later, they make a wonderful smell! I also have a small collection of hand sanitizers of BABW. They have so IMG_2822many different kinds that all smell so wonderful! I love their collections of smells. 3) For my hair, I typically don’t do anything but blow dry it. But if I am feeling like scrunching my hair and making it a curly day, then I use this beach waves concoction. Be careful though, because if you get too much it will make your hair look stiff and gross. I use it when my hair is in-between the wet and dry phase. I haven’t used the diffuser yet but my hair isn’t soaking. I will have been scrunching it since I got out of the shower and it should be looking pretty fluffy and wavy by then. I spritz the beach wave spray around at the tips scrunching as I go. I then use the diffuser to try and dry the hair with the spray in it. Then after drying it, I gently spray a little more scrunching as I go. It’s more like a stiff hair spray at this point. I usually end up  liking the result if I have had time to pay attention to my hair in the morning which is rare occurrence.

Thank you for reading this post on bathroom stuff! If you want to see me use the makeup products shown here, check out my tutorial video HERE.  If you have anything to say about these products of products of your own, SHARE them below!! 




The Hobbit – Review

HOBBITMy boyfriend was obsessed about getting The Hobbit on the day it came out. Even though we did not see it in theaters, he was still buzzing about seeing it. I was interested to see it because I fell in love with the Lord Of The Rings movies after seeing them for the first time. There are a few things I will point out about this movie that I noticed when I was watching it. The FIRST THING is that I realized that this movie was, as my boyfriend called it, a “filler” movie. It gets the giggles out and doesn’t provide as much action as you may had hoped. The good part of a filler movie is that it is filled with tons of story and you can really enjoy the characters without one dying every ten minutes in a fighting scene. Although there was not nearly as much action as I had assumed there would be, I enjoyed the small quirks of the film that made you laugh and focus more on the story line. The SECOND THING Ihobbit2 noticed was that this movie really helped me understand parts of The Lord Of The Rings. If you have not read the books, it can get confusing in the LOTR movies when you are supposed to already know what something is because it was in the book before it. Now that the movie is out, it helps all the people that did not read the books understand a little more of the dynamic in the relationships and more about how everything really happened. For example, in the LOTR movies, Legolas and Gimli start out disliking each other and end up having competitions throughout the movie. This was explained to me in The Hobbit when talking about how the elves and dwarfs do not get along after a great battle when the elves abandoned them. Another example would be the sword “Sting”. This sword lights up blue when orcs are near and is given to Frodo in the LOTR movies. If you have not read The Hobbit, then you would not understand the part where Frodo looks at Gollum with the sword and says, “you have seen this before”. Just watching LOTR movies, you do not really pay attention to this little part. But when watching The Hobbit, suddenly it all makes sense. The THIRD THING I noticed was that I actually enjoyed the movie. I had heard before I watched it that it was too long and boring, but I did not think either of these while watching it. If you really enjoyed the LOTR movies then I would think that you might enjoy The Hobbit. I really would like to get around to reading them one day so that I may understand more about the movies. The acting was great and I enjoyed the cliff hanger at the end. All in all I think that The Hobbit was a good buy. That way, I can watch all the movies together and have a wonderful movie day full of a little story line, a little fighting, and a lot of adventure!



Fifty Shades of Five

In the summer of 2012, there was a lot of talk about this new series of books. I heard it was a love story, a nasty and inappropriate novel, a fantasy, a bad book, and a good book. Being 19, I made the decision that I was mature and old enough to read such a dangerous novel. My impression of them? I really enjoyed them. Once you get past the sexual parts it becomes a really interesting and sweet love story. I can say that it was definitely not for the faint of heart readers. It was very explicit and should be read with extreme caution! There has been talk of making a movie on the books. I say it would be impossible because it would end up being a long porno and nobody could go see it in the theaters. It does bring up the thought though of who would play Christian Grey, the mysterious, sexual, and gorgeous character. Here are my top 5 picks of who would make the sexiest and most adorable Christian Greys.

1) Matt BomerYES YES YES… I know he is gay. It’s called acting ladies and gentlemen! How many people knew that Barney from HIMYM (Neil Patrick Harris) was gay? Exactly my point. Matt Bomer follows all the rules when it comes to playing this part. He is hot, dark, has gorgeous eyes, and can be sexily mysterious. For all the people who think Matt Bomer would rock this part… let me hear an AMEN!

Matt bomer

2) Christian BaleMaybe it is the name similarity, but I think Christian would play an awesome Christian! He did play Batman after all. So we all already know that  Mr. Bale is masculine, sharp, and sexy. If you have ever seen American Psycho (creepy movie) then you will know that he can also play some really weird parts too. In other words… I would have no problems with this arrangement!

Christian bale

3) Ian SomerhalderIf you guys keep up with the blog, then you would know that I have done a Man Crush post on him seen HERE. Ian plays dark and sexy characters in most of the roles he has been in. In my opinion, there was no question as to why he should make this list. He actually resembles a lot of the features that the author provides us with about Christian Grey. He has a strong and chiseled jaw, luscious dark locks, and piercing gorgeous eyes! If you are looking to find other things Ian has been in, check out The Vampire Diaries and my review on it HERE.  Ian would most definitely be one of my top choices if I was deciding who to cast at this role. He has even come out and said he wouldn’t mind taking it! YAY!


4) Liam HemsworthOk so Liam may be a little young to play this part, but since he is going to turn out a lot like his brother Chris, I would say give him a few years and he will be ripe and ready for it. He has a beautifully sculpted body and a sexy demeanor that would make any woman melt. The only problem would be if his fiance Miley Cyrus wouldn’t let him wander around doing all those love scenes. Beside that fact, Liam would make a handsome and lovely Christian Grey.

Liam Hemsowrth

5) Chris PineIt seems that all these guys I have picked have one thing in common…. gorgeous blue eyes (except for Christian Bale)! Chris Pine definitely falls into this category! He is so incredibly smooth and just plain adorable. I really loved him in Star Trek and The Princess Diaries 2! He has a cute sense of humor that he brings to his roles that would be really useful when playing this dark, romantic, but sometimes humorous part.Three cheers for Chris Pine!

chris pine


Avocado Addiction – College Girl Recipes

I feel like when websites show pictures with step by step recipes, that they always have a professional photographer take the pictures. How can it look so good and then when you try to make it, it looks absolutely nothing like the websites? This is not how my recipes will work. I will give you actual pictures from my phone so that you know exactly what you are getting in to when you make the dish. The other thing about recipes that I post is that they will be easy. Basically if a broke college student can make it afforable and fast, you should be able to too.

Today I made up my own version of a recipe I found on Pinterest called Avocado Mac & Cheese. I decided to make it a tad healthier and easier since I did not want to go buy a whole bunch of fancy ingredients that I will never use again. I took me only about 20 minutes, but it was my first time and I know I could cut it down to about 10 after some practice. Here are the ingredients…

The equivalents of this recipe are for about 2 people. Add more if your group is bigger!

1) 1 avocado (2 people) or 2 avocados (five people)

2) Your choice of pasta

3) 2 cups milk ( fat free = healthier)

4) 2 tbls of flour

5) 2 tbls of butter (I used low fat margarine)

6) 1 garlic clove (or garlic salt)

7) Salt and Pepper

8) 2 or more cups of shredded low fat cheddar cheese

Simple enough right? I had these things lying around my kitchen so I did not have to go to the store… YAY! 🙂

Let’s start cooking!

STEP 1: First thing you do it make sure you have some good avocados. I LOVE avocado so I grew up being able to pick the perfect one. Finding thestep 1 perfect avocado has EVERYTHING to do with being sucessful in this recipe. You want it to be fairly soft all around. You want to make sure there are no major bruises or separations from the skin when picking an avocado. I needs to feel a little firmer than if you were squeezing your forearm. * REMINDER* – Start boiling the water for your pasta before starting the guacamole!! You take your avocado and  you want to slice it all the way around from top to bottom. Pull the halves apart and hopefully it will be a step 11beautiful green. If you have some brownish spots then you can take a fork or spoon and scoop them out. Next I want you to slice your avocado into little cubes in the skin. Take the pit out of the other half and do the same. Then take a fork and scoop them out of the skin. Make sure you get all the green flesh attached to the skin at the bottom… this is where a lot of the flavor comes from. After taking the entire and hopefully yummy avocado out, you want to take your fork and mash it around real quick. If you were successful in choosing a good avocado, it should start to look creamy. Stop when your avocado looks fairly mashed up and add garlic. This is where you can choose to be fancy and mince some garlic, or you can easily do it with garlic salt. I did it both ways. I minced one clove and then added some garlic salt. In my opinion, I would just add garlic salt. Not only is it much easier, but it takes less time and effort but still has the same great taste. Now you might be asking, how much garlic salt do I add? Well this is completely up to yourstep 2 taste. I tend to like more because it brings out a really good flavor. I play around with it until I find what I like. I would suggest putting very little in and then trying it just in case you find it very over powering. I usually step 3just lightly cover the mashed avocado and then stir it in. Now you have the avocado part ready for the Mac & Cheese. STEP 2: Hopefully your water will be boiling by this point and you can add your pasta! Mine usually takes about 10 minutes to boil so the timing should be perfect. Now we are going to start the cheese sauce. You want a small to medium sized sauce pan for this cstep 5heese concoction. Turn it on about medium heat and add the butter, flour, and a little milk. When the butter has melted, these ingredients should be more on a pasty side texture. If it is too pasty in your opinion, you can add more milk. You do not want it too globby or it will not make a good cheese sauce! When it gets to a good consistency, then you are ready to add the cheese! I just buy packaged shredded cheese but if you really wanted to get fancy then you could shred it yourself. I start out adding about two cups worth of the cheese. What is a cheese sauce if you can’t even taste the step 6cheese?? The cheese should melt immediately and make this sauce more of a orange color. The sauce should be a little thicker. A problem I ran into was the fact that it got too thick. To help with this I added more milk and then more cheese to keep the flavor. STEP 3: guac pastaBy this time your pasta should be about boiled. If not, then wait a couple minutes until it is ready. When it is done, strain the pasta and put it back into the pot. I added the guacamole concoction first to the pasta. I scooped most of the avocado into the pot and stirred it up with the pasta. The result looked something like the picture on the left. One problem I ran into when adding these final ingredients is that I put too much of both. This ended up making my pasta more soupy than I had intended. I would say add half of both sauces and then go from there to the correct guac cheeseconsistency! After adding the guac, it is time to add the cheese! Pour as much as you like into the pasta and then stir it up. It should end up as a creamy mixture of a darker pale green pasta! Like I said, mine was VERY saucy so I probably would have only used half of the sauces. All in all I thought the flavor was awesome. You can always add salt and pepper to taste if you need more flavor! Definitely a pasta for avocado lovers!

Thank you for reading this recipe! If you happen to try it, please comment and let me know! I also would love to hear suggestions on how to make it better or if you tried it a different way!

me and cheese




Man Crush – Bradley Cooper

bradley-cooper I am just going to come out and say it…. I love me some Bradley Cooper. But really, who doesn’t?bradley-cooper1 I don’t care how many stupid roles he has played, there is nothing quite like Bradley Cooper. I prefer him with his shorter hair but to be quite honest, i’ll take him any way that he comes. He has absolutely one of the prettiest smiles in Hollywood and some of the prettiest blue eyes on the planet. Some roles that I really enjoyed his performance in were Silver Linings Playbook, Limitless, Valentines Day, and even The Hangover.  No matter what role he plays, Bradley Cooper gets my vote for cutest actor. In his personal life Bradley was married to Jennifer Esposito but then later got divorced. He has also dated actresses such as Zoe Saldana and Renee Zellweger. On a finishing note, as long as Bradley keeps smiling, so will I.



Opinions Are Symbols Of Freedom

I am back from Spring Break 2013 everyone! Thank you for understanding my lack of blogging while I have been away. Pictures will come soon 🙂 I would like to try something that I was thinking about while I was relaxing away in New Mexico. I would like to write an opinion piece. It doesn’t necessarily have to be political, but I would like to share some of MY personal ideas and beliefs with you all. Please comment below something you would like to hear an opinon on. It can be anything! I just want to get you guys to choose something interesting you want to read about! So other bloggers and people of the world…. please help!  Thanks guys!




Spring Break Absence

I am so sad to tell all of you that I will not have access to a computer over spring break. This can be a good and bad thing for us who love technology. Nevertheless, I am traveling with my family and some friends up to the beaauutttifuullllllllll Ruidoso, New Mexico! I plan to spend my time taking in the fresh mountain air and relaxing by a fire. What are you doing for SpringBreak!!?? I hope that you and whoever you may be with have a fun and blessed time. In the words of my english teacher from my junior year of high school, “Be safe and DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE!”. ADIOS y’all 🙂


Man Crush – Ryan Reynolds

If I had to summarize Rylan reynolds into three words they would be sexy, funny, and adorable. Ryan Reynolds has really captured my heart in all of his romantic comedies. The two that really stand out in my mind are The Proposal and Definitely, Maybe. When I first saw The Proposal is when I first fell in love with Ryan. Not only did his famous costar Sandra Bullock make the movie, but Ryan added the cute, funny, and sensitive side that made this comedy really sparkle. In his other romantic comedy Definitely, Maybe, Ryan plays an adorable father who is trying to help his daughter guess who her mother is out of his several flings earlier in life. In both of these movies, Ryan plays a very silimiar but loveable character. In his personal life, Ryan just recently got married to Blake Lively who starred in The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants. Other movies Ryan is known for include Green Lantern, Safe House, and The Change Up.