Garage Sale HELP

Every March my neighborhood puts on a large garage sale. The past couple years my mom and I spend a week or two preparing things to be sold. The thing we find strangest is that from year to year people buy only specific things. One year, the people that came only wanted to buy large items (coffee tables, bookshelves, couches, ect) and then the next year people were into the jewelry and clothes. It is so incredibly difficult to decide what is worth the time and effort to put out! My question to you is… What do you look for when you shop at a garage sale? Are you a big item person or are you into the toys and smaller things? Please HELP! We are starting early this year because we really want to make some money and get rid of a lot of stuff! So if you know any good items that go great at a garage sale, please comment! Thanks 🙂



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