Man Crush – Justin Bieber

Although I may not call myself a “Beliber”, I have had a few moments here and there of finding Mr. Justin Bieber attractive. Being one of his 35 million followers, I can for sure say that he has captured the heart of most preteen girls world wide.  I do realize that I am 19 and the typical age that adores Justin is between 5-14, but this doesn’t stop me from jamming to his very repetitive music in my car. I will say one thing that I do not like about the “new” Justin Bieber… I cannot stand his new hair style. It reminds me more of a flamboyant peacock. I really liked the old Bieber style compared to this new style. But nevertheless, I still label Justin as a cutie. He may not have the most perfect music in the world, but he is a good live performer and those are hard to come by in this day and age. Some songs that I really like jamming out to in my car include, As Long As You Love Me, Baby, Never Say Never, Overboard, Boyfriend, and a few others. I just hope that Justin can continue to maintain a good image compared to the many teen stars that have turned into burn outs. So far he has yet to get into any trouble except for some rumors that were never proven true. Good luck Justin!






"New" Beiber Style

“New” Bieber Style

"Old" Traditional Beiber Style

“Old” Traditional Bieber Style















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