Genetics and Such

Thoughts From The Classroom

geneticsAs I am sitting in my Lifespan Growth and Development class, I realize just how incredible producing another life really is. We are talking about genetics and prenatal development and I am really amazed at how complicated it is (genetically) to become a human being. This is when I wonder how people can not believe in a greater being. I am not going to press my faith on to someone else, but it really gets me curious as to how people can think that all of this came from nothing. Everything is so incredibly specific when it comes to genetics. What really amazes me is how small a human being can start out and whatbaby they turn into. We watched a video on what babies look like at each week of pregnancy. I feel like no matter what your degree or how much schooling you have had, there is no way to truly understand the mystery of creating a living and breathing human being from something so tiny. Child brith truly is a miracle.


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