What’s Up World?

1)  No surprise here, but Taylor Swift is jabbing at her ex boyfriend Harry Styles without having to write a song. With her new album out, Taylor probably finds it too soon to start writing new songs for her next album so she goes about it a different way. From her obvious jabbing during her performance at the Grammys to her latest music video shoot, we see several signs that she is trying to get back at Harry Styles. Some pictures were taken of Swift fimling her new video and it was hard not to miss the similarity of her outfit to her exes. Decide for yourself. Coincidence or purposeful?


2) Being a Harry Potter fanatic myself, I just came across the news that to celebrate 15 years of the books being out, they have changed the look of all the book covers. Although I like the new art work, there is a little part of my existence that makes me feel old. I can remember them coming out and reading them with my mom. It was a fantastic part of my childhood. What do you think about the new covers?

3) New research has suggested that the job market is changing quickly and people are misinformed as to what companies are looking for. There are skills that people are spending a lot of time on that will not help when getting hired.

1- Spanish

2- Software Installation and Upgrade

3- Legal Research

4- Handling Mortgage loans

To read more about this, click here.


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