Need A New Addiction?

Are you bored at home? If you’re like me, then you have a lot of time on your hands. The hardest part is finding what you can do with that time. I know that as a college student I have no money and have to find other ways to enteratin myself. Here are 4 websites that are going to rock your socks and keep you occupied in those boring moments. These are also helpful if you are in an extremely boring class and are playing on your computer anyways! Check them out!

1)  Stumble Upon–  This website is awesome. It takes everything on the internet that you would possibly enjoy and gives it to you all on one website. You put in your interests and click “stumble” and TADA! You have thousands of websites that are exact to your interests to flip through! Click to go to the site.

2) Anybody just looovvveee cute pictures, videos, ect? Well this website is the place for you. Cute Roulette is the new fab for anyone that has an addiction to kittens and fluffly little animals. Click Here

3)  Are you into secrets? Or perhaps you are into mysterious websites? Well Post Secret is not far for your liking. This is a website where you can post a secret or look at other peoples secrets. Don’t worry, nobody will know it is you. It can be very interesting what other secrets are out there. Maybe you won’t feel so alone in the world. Click Here

4) This next site is really for the people that enjoy quizzing their knowledge on lots of topics. Sporcle has so much stuff to look at, you will not know what to do with yourself! You will spend hours taking quizzes and seeing if you really do know those movies quote that you claim you do. Click Here


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