Man Crush – Zac Efron

Everyone knows Zac Efron from Disney’s series of movies, High School Musical. After the “stardom” of the series, Zac tried to get into more “adult” roles like Charlie Saint Cloud and The Lucky One. My guess is that his fan following was all girls under the age of 14 and he was looking for something a little more… appropriate. Luckily for us ladies, Zac has not been known to be with a lot of girls (or at least he hides it well). In my opinion, this makes an actor much more attractive. I have loved Zac every since I heard the “Start Of Something New” come out of his beautiful mouth. Check out last weeks Man Crush HERE.



ZAC hot


4 thoughts on “Man Crush – Zac Efron

  1. Oh, he is sooo good-lookin’! 😀 I did not like The Lucky One, though, because of the female actress (I don’t think she was any good) but did you like Charlie St Cloud? Haven’t seen that one yet! 🙂

    • Charlie St Cloud was definiteley a movie where I may have possibly shed a tear or two… Anytime there is a movie with a childs death in it, it really tugs at my heart strings. I actually never saw The Lucky One! I wanted to because he looked so handsome in the commercials! Sad to hear that the actress wasn’t that great :/

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