Photography – My First Shot

I don’t know what it is about taking a picture that I like. All I know is that could do it all day. I may not have the biggest and baddest camera around, but I believe that the person makes a good picture. One of my goals (futuristic) is to be able to take pictures of people and be able to share them with the world. I want to learn all the secrets and all the “ways” to become a good photographer. If I get to a point where I can take pictures for $$, I would love to take pictures of people. I think people can convey so many things through pictures. It is beautiful to me. ย Here are some of the pictures I took of my brother for his senior pictures (this year). Let me know what you think!

BR gr sit best 1

My Mom and Brother

My Mom and Brother

A Boy And His Dog

A Boy And His Dog

The Brother And The Photographer (Me)

If you have any tip, ideas, tricks, or ways to get started, please comment and let me know!

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4 thoughts on “Photography – My First Shot

  1. Those are all great! I especially love the second one (he has a great smile!) and the one with him and your mom, and you & him. ๐Ÿ˜€ I think you’ve got the photographer gene!

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