College Is… (Enter Word Here)

I’ll be the first to admit this, college is scary. People always act like going to college is care free and all fun and games. This all changes when it is your turn to actually do it. I can’t tell you how terribly frightened I was to go to college. “You actually have to make new friends?’ and “I don’t even remember how to make friends” were a few phrases I thought to my self over and over the summer before my freshman year. Other phrases that came to mind were, “Class is going to be so incredibly hard…” and “Wait, I get to choose whether or not I want to go to classes?”. In my opinion these are all slight misconceptions.  Unfortunately society has thrust upon us many myths and false accusations about college. It is like they want college to be viewed a certain way when really it’s all about how you take it on.

Here are a few things that helped me my freshman year get accustomed to this new, exciting, scary  way of life.

Move In Day Freshman Year!

Move In Day Freshman Year!

1) MAKE FRIENDS! –It really is not as hard as you think. You just have to get out there and find your new life long buddies. What I really learned is that they don’t just come to you. It is definitely a two way street. There isn’t a delivery service that drops off friends for a small fee like a pizza. TURST ME! Having friends will make or break your experience in college. The next step is…How do you find people to be friends with?

2) JOIN SOMETHINGYou are going to be completely overwhelmed your freshman year, despite all the wonderful free time you “supposedly”  have. One of the things I highly recommend spending some of your commitment on (other than school of course) is finding a way to get involved. Lets list some of the possibilities I know most colleges offer.

– Sororities/Frats

– Thousands of student run clubs and organizations

– Jobs

– Churches/ Bible studies

Campus Activities/ Dorm Activities

The reason people get bored in college is because they are LAZY! There are plenty of things to do if you are willing to try something new. My dorm my freshman year had so many fun things to do (poker night, movie night, free chicken fingers night, ect). Do not be afraid to attend these things, because more than likely everyone else is there to make friends too. It’s ok!

3) TALK TO PEOPLE IN YOUR CLASSESPeople underestimate how well you can make friends just by being nice to the person next to you in class. It may seem a little awkward at first to randomly start talking to people, but some of my most favorite classes have been because I got to know the people around me. Even to this day I get nervous to say something to a stranger, but then I remember how awesome it is to be able to look forward to coming to class to see your new group of friends! It also can be useful when it comes time to study and your neighbor made really awesome and handy flash cards!

4) THE COLLEGE IS TERRIBLY HARD MYTHI hear people talking all the time about how hard their college experience was. I have come to find out that it is all about how you handle it! I have had a terrific college experience while others suffer. The one thing you need to know is that you can make college REALLY hard by not going to your classes. This is a mistake that a lot of freshman make. If you go to class I promise you college will not be NEARLY as hard as if you don’t go. Yes, I know that getting up for that 8am is really tough. Think of it this way, if you go to class and make A’s, your parents will worship you. I have found also that just by going to class cuts down half the study time I need to feel prepared when it comes to tests. My friends have to study 12 hours the day before because they have to teach themselves the material when I can study less than three hours and feel confident. I have maintained a 3.77, trust me, this works.

5) DON’T BE AFRAID TO CALL HOMEThere is no rule that says you have to ditch your parents when you go to college. Something that I think really helps being a freshman seem easier is keeping in close contact with your parents at home. They did raise you and know you backwards and forwards. If anything just text them if you are struggling, having fun, or anything! Trust me, they like it too. It always nice to keep in contact with your parents so that you can avoid getting as home sick as I promise you are going to get.

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