5 Things To Do With The Girls

Everyone loves to hang out with their girlfriends! The truth of the matter is that sometimes it is hard to figure out what to do with them. Here are five things that you and your girlfriends will love doing!

1) Dress Up and Go Out – Girls love to get pretty and go out. It is even more fun if you do it with your girlfriends! friendsInvite them over on a random Friday night to gussy up. The necessities are makeup, curling wands, straighteners, cute outfits, a little wine, and some music! The most important thing is to have fun! Usually the part before you go out is just as much fun and sometimes more than the actually outing.

2) Go Shopping – Everyone knows that shopping alone is absolutely no fun. When you bring your girls, the mall suddenyl becomes a play ground. Even if you aren’t a huge shopper like me, you can still have fun walking around and catching up! Another plus is that your girls are there to help you find cute outfits. They know what looks good on you almost better than you do!

3) Plan A Trip To The Beach – Love tanning and hanging out at the beach? beachWell guess who else does… your BFFs! Save up a little money and head down to the nearest beach for the weekend. Not only will their be plenty of cute guys, but there will also be plenty of things to do around town.

4) Spa Day – Who doesn’t love getting pampered? Luckily this is an easy activity for you and your friends because it requires you to do nothing except relax! Get a manicure, pedicure, massage, waxed, hair cut, face scrub, or anything that makes you feel better about yourself!

frinds25) Take Professional Pictures – Girls like taking pictures and like getting their pictures taken. Why not do it in a group? There is nothing more fun than getting some really nice pictures taken of you and your closest bffs. You get to dress up, have fun, and make memories that you get to keep not only in your mind, but also physically (pictures)!


Garage Sale HELP

Every March my neighborhood puts on a large garage sale. The past couple years my mom and I spend a week or two preparing things to be sold. The thing we find strangest is that from year to year people buy only specific things. One year, the people that came only wanted to buy large items (coffee tables, bookshelves, couches, ect) and then the next year people were into the jewelry and clothes. It is so incredibly difficult to decide what is worth the time and effort to put out! My question to you is… What do you look for when you shop at a garage sale? Are you a big item person or are you into the toys and smaller things? Please HELP! We are starting early this year because we really want to make some money and get rid of a lot of stuff! So if you know any good items that go great at a garage sale, please comment! Thanks 🙂



Man Crush – Justin Bieber

Although I may not call myself a “Beliber”, I have had a few moments here and there of finding Mr. Justin Bieber attractive. Being one of his 35 million followers, I can for sure say that he has captured the heart of most preteen girls world wide.  I do realize that I am 19 and the typical age that adores Justin is between 5-14, but this doesn’t stop me from jamming to his very repetitive music in my car. I will say one thing that I do not like about the “new” Justin Bieber… I cannot stand his new hair style. It reminds me more of a flamboyant peacock. I really liked the old Bieber style compared to this new style. But nevertheless, I still label Justin as a cutie. He may not have the most perfect music in the world, but he is a good live performer and those are hard to come by in this day and age. Some songs that I really like jamming out to in my car include, As Long As You Love Me, Baby, Never Say Never, Overboard, Boyfriend, and a few others. I just hope that Justin can continue to maintain a good image compared to the many teen stars that have turned into burn outs. So far he has yet to get into any trouble except for some rumors that were never proven true. Good luck Justin!






"New" Beiber Style

“New” Bieber Style

"Old" Traditional Beiber Style

“Old” Traditional Bieber Style















Genetics and Such

Thoughts From The Classroom

geneticsAs I am sitting in my Lifespan Growth and Development class, I realize just how incredible producing another life really is. We are talking about genetics and prenatal development and I am really amazed at how complicated it is (genetically) to become a human being. This is when I wonder how people can not believe in a greater being. I am not going to press my faith on to someone else, but it really gets me curious as to how people can think that all of this came from nothing. Everything is so incredibly specific when it comes to genetics. What really amazes me is how small a human being can start out and whatbaby they turn into. We watched a video on what babies look like at each week of pregnancy. I feel like no matter what your degree or how much schooling you have had, there is no way to truly understand the mystery of creating a living and breathing human being from something so tiny. Child brith truly is a miracle.


Channing Tatum – Man Crush

Channing Tatum is on his way (if not already) to being a household name in America. Everyone has seen one of his many movies such as Step Up, The Vow, 21 Jump Street, Magic Mike, and maybe even his new movie Side Effects. Before becoming a movie star, Channing actually worked in a strip club where he made most of his money. This would explain the extremely hot body that he keeps in shape and his fabulous performance in Magic Mike. Channing Tatum is happily married to Jenna Dewan, who happens to be his costar in one of his first major movies, Step Up. The couple just announced that they are expecting their first baby.



5 Things I Don’t Tell My Parents

When it comes to parents, there a number of things over the years that you don’t really convey the way you want to. I don’t know if it is because I am afraid to tell them, or nervous, or because I think they won’t understand, or maybe it is possibly my unconscious fears of the unknown. Here are 5 things that I do not tell my parents enough, or things that I just don’t tell them. A LOT of these things go along with my post College Is.. (Enter Word Here).

1) HOW MUCH I LOVE THEMIt is not that my parents do not know that I love them, it is the fact that I do not take enough opportunities to tell them so. One of my greatest fears that causes many of my nightmares is that my parents die. I honestly do not know what I would do without either of them and it scares me to death to think about them dying. You would think that this kind of fear would make me tell them I love them more, but for some reason it doesn’t. So take the opportunity to text or call your parents right now and tell them how much you love them. My parents are so incredibly amazing and I am blessed to be their daughter. I need to be sure to tell them that more often.

2) THAT I AM HOMESICK – Being away from your parents seems like no big deal when you are headed to college. You have this false idea of how busy and crazy your life will be and that you won’t even glance back to your old life. My first semester of freshman year I probably went home at least every other weekend. It really doesn’t hit you how much you’re going to miss your family until about one week into your college experience. It really makes you appreciate all your parents did for you (laundry, meals, ect). I feel like the reason I and many others try not to let off that they are homesick is because they want to feel like a grown up and want their parents to think so also. What I have come to grips with is that being homesick doesn’t mean that you are not grown up, it means that you love your family. Even with that understanding, I still don’t give out any hints that I am homesick when I talk to my parents on the phone. Even if I cry after hanging up with them, I for some reason can stay strong during the actual conversation. Moral of the story, if you don’t want to let your parents know how homesick you are, then just go home for the weekend.

3) THAT I AM NOT DOING GREAT IN SCHOOLI feel that when parents come to visit you at school or if you go home there is always the same question brought up, “How are your classes going?”. This question can be the most dreaded moment of your life depending on your current set of grades. When I get asked this question I respond with a casual “they are going good”, and then try to flip the conversation to something else. Luckily for me, I have been able to pull out great grades by the end of the semester, even if I wasn’t doing so hot in the middle. Maybe it would be easier to tell my parents the truth if I wouldn’t get a response like this, “Well you better stop watching

This Happened To Be A Good Time ;)

This Happened To Be A Good Time 😉

all that Netflix and stop blogging so much so you can study more. We better see those grades up by the end of the semester”. The problem with not doing this from a parents point of view is that they do not want to encourage bad grades so something must be said to “push” your motivation button a little harder. The other problem with lying to your parents about your grades is that you get to the end of the semester and have a C in the class and your parents say, ” You got a C in Biology? I thought you were doing great in that class and loved it?”. This is where it can get you into trouble.

4) THAT I HAVE A NEGATIVE BODY IMAGE SOMETIMES My parents raised me to not be judgmental and be proud of who I am . They also encouraged a happy lifestyle full of personality and expression. That is why I feel they would be surprised that I have a negative body image sometimes. I would assume that almost every woman and most men experience this at some point in their life. For me that time is right now. Do not get me wrong, I really do love myself. The reason I have this negativity sometimes is because of the standards that some people uphold. I have always been a people pleaser. So much in fact that I get my boyfriend to send back my food if it is wrong because I don’t want to anger or upset the waiter. Sometimes I don’t even bother sending it back because it is so much of a hassle. I know that is a little extreme, but it is something I just hate doing. When I say I need to please people, I get funky ideas in my head that I do not fit into the cliche body type. I have never been a girl who wore bikinis, even if I wanted to. I have never wanted to wear tight clothing because I was worried of how I looked. I have also had bad acne before and continue to worry about it everyday. I am not perfect and I have accepted that nobody is perfect. That doesn’t mean that a few times I haven’t wished I was more “perfect”. I am comfortable in my own skin. There are just some sparse moments where I do get a little down in the dumps. These are the moments when I remind myself that God made me the way I am and that he loves me no matter what I look like. I wouldn’t trade to be anyone else on earth but me. That is how I want to live my life. I want to keep this from my parents so that they don’t worry about me. I want them to be proud that I am strong and confident without those judgmental thoughts.

5) THAT I HATE WHEN THEY FIGHTEverybody in the world has been in an argument, disagreement, or fight before. Although I may fight with them , it kills me to see my parents argue. I have had so many friends go off the deep end because of their parents getting a divorce. I have seen it ruin their lives and I have seen how miserable they are by it. I believe in my parents love and even if they have told me they would never get divorced, it still doesn’t stop me from thinking about it. Because I am older, I can recognize a bad fight when I see one. broken-heartIt hurts me to see them when they are angry at each other or even ignoring each other. I try to avoid it and stay strong when this happens. I love my family so much that it would kill me if a divorce ever did happen. Luckily I was blessed with parents who do not give up on their marriage even when it gets tough. I just wish that they knew how much it upsets me when I see them fight. I do not let them know this because I do not want them to know that I get upset over something they do. I know that they would feel bad for causing me so much stress over something that I can not control.

Do you keep anything from your parents? Share by commenting!


Free Paper – Lesson Of The Week

This might make me sound a little crazy, but I was beside myself  with excitement when I went to the library last night. They have free printing… free UNLIMITED printing. You’re probably thinking,”wait a sec, did she really just say that she got excited over free paper and printing?”. Well yes, yes I did. When you are trying to write a nutrition paper for a 50+ paper project that must be printed and put in a binder, then anybody would love the sound of free paper and printing. It seems strange to get excited over something that is associated with such a long and annoying project, but when you are not looking for even the littlest positives in life then you will only see the negatives. That is this weeks lesson. Enjoy the little positives in a negative situation.


What’s Up World?

1)  No surprise here, but Taylor Swift is jabbing at her ex boyfriend Harry Styles without having to write a song. With her new album out, Taylor probably finds it too soon to start writing new songs for her next album so she goes about it a different way. From her obvious jabbing during her performance at the Grammys to her latest music video shoot, we see several signs that she is trying to get back at Harry Styles. Some pictures were taken of Swift fimling her new video and it was hard not to miss the similarity of her outfit to her exes. Decide for yourself. Coincidence or purposeful?


2) Being a Harry Potter fanatic myself, I just came across the news that to celebrate 15 years of the books being out, they have changed the look of all the book covers. Although I like the new art work, there is a little part of my existence that makes me feel old. I can remember them coming out and reading them with my mom. It was a fantastic part of my childhood. What do you think about the new covers?

3) New research has suggested that the job market is changing quickly and people are misinformed as to what companies are looking for. There are skills that people are spending a lot of time on that will not help when getting hired.

1- Spanish

2- Software Installation and Upgrade

3- Legal Research

4- Handling Mortgage loans

To read more about this, click here.


Man Crush – Ian Somerhalder


If you have been keeping up with the blog then you would know that I am currently into The Vampire Diaries. I thought it would only be right if I made this weeks Man Crush Tuesday one of the many adorable actors that star in this show. Ian Somerhalder stars as Damon Salvatore, a dangerous yet incredibly handsom vampire. Unfortunately this morning I found out that Ian is 34 years old. This information made me sad because it makes him way too old for me to even consider adding to my list of potential husbands. It’s ok to look though, right?

Check out another Man Crush HERE!ian-somerhalder-10 Ian-3-ian-somerhalder-32631882-337-480


Jeans, Jeans, The Magical Pant

What is the first piece of clothing you think of when you hear “the south”? I know that the first thing that comes to my mind are jeans. Unfortunately the days where everyone had actaul cowboy jeans are over. The new style of jeans are suited for looks, not for rounding up cattle. The sad thing about these new types of jeans is that people have tried to make them into something horrifying to the public eye. The great thing about a pair of jeans is the fit. In todays society people either wear their jeans too loose, or too tight. Let me tell you one thing. Both of these options are terrible.

– Too Loose: When your jeans are too loose (boys mostly), we can see your underpants. I know that all you boys out there smile to yourself and say job well done. This is most definitely not a job well done. I am sorry that your ego thinks that you are “too cool for school” so much that you think that it is ok to wear your jeans at your knees.The other thing I do not get is why you wear a belt. I always see the “saggers” wearing belts. Why is that? One way to tell if your jeans are too loose is if any amount of your undergarments are showing. Let me tell you one last thing, there is nothing better than a guy in a nice, fitted, and clean pair of jeans.

Too Tight: When jeans are too tight,  it is normally not a pretty sight. Ok, enough with the rhyming. Typically girls are the ones that break this rule. When girls wear jeans that are too tight, there are a few things that people really dont want to see. Not only do tight jeans make you look bigger than you are, but they also make an unpleasant experience for everyone else. I am not talking skinny jeans because those are made to be tight. I am talking about jeans that are supposed to be worn as a comfortable look. Not only do tight jeans look bad, but they also are terribly unconfortable. I do not see why people would wear them for their comfort factor alone. Here is one sure way to tell if your jeans are not fitting right…. If any amount of fat, skin, or whatever humps over the sides, then they are too tight. You want a nice straight connection between your jeans and your skin. 


Moral of the story is, please find your right size in jeans. Have a heart to heart with youself and decide a reasonable size for you. You will feel and look better, I promise.



Emotions In Overdrive

I have been wondering if this week was different than others. The reason why I ask this is because I have been extremely emotional to weird things all week. I have normally been a person who gets pretty attached to their tv shows and movies, but this week I have cried in several episodes of my current obsession. I am pretty sure that my roommate thinks I am pathetic as she hears me sobbing through the thin walls of our apartment. If you don’t know, I have been nonstop watching The Vampire Diaries. It is an intense show that has tugged on my emotions all week. Something like this has not happened to me before….at least when it comes to tv shows. Have any of you ever gotten so into a tv show that you cry when someone dies? Maybe I wouldn’t feel so awkward for crying at something that is completely not real.

A toddler girl crying


Need A New Addiction?

Are you bored at home? If you’re like me, then you have a lot of time on your hands. The hardest part is finding what you can do with that time. I know that as a college student I have no money and have to find other ways to enteratin myself. Here are 4 websites that are going to rock your socks and keep you occupied in those boring moments. These are also helpful if you are in an extremely boring class and are playing on your computer anyways! Check them out!

1)  Stumble Upon–  This website is awesome. It takes everything on the internet that you would possibly enjoy and gives it to you all on one website. You put in your interests and click “stumble” and TADA! You have thousands of websites that are exact to your interests to flip through! Click to go to the site.

2) Anybody just looovvveee cute pictures, videos, ect? Well this website is the place for you. Cute Roulette is the new fab for anyone that has an addiction to kittens and fluffly little animals. Click Here

3)  Are you into secrets? Or perhaps you are into mysterious websites? Well Post Secret is not far for your liking. This is a website where you can post a secret or look at other peoples secrets. Don’t worry, nobody will know it is you. It can be very interesting what other secrets are out there. Maybe you won’t feel so alone in the world. Click Here

4) This next site is really for the people that enjoy quizzing their knowledge on lots of topics. Sporcle has so much stuff to look at, you will not know what to do with yourself! You will spend hours taking quizzes and seeing if you really do know those movies quote that you claim you do. Click Here


What’s Up World?

1) To start off, let’s look at this adorable 3 year old that is really excited to ride her first train. I’ll let the video speak for itself… To see it and read the article, click HERE


2) Here is another precious video of a little boy making basketball “trick” shots. I am surprised by how good he actually is! Someone sign him up for the NBA. In other news, I guess I am really into babies today.


3) So there have been rumors going around that Disney is going to continue make Star Wars movies. Apparently in the past few days, it has now been confirmed by the chairman and CEO that there are movies in development. I know a lot of people have different opinions on this, I haven’t quite made my mind up yet. I do know that I love Disney though! Read more about the upcoming films HERE.





What are your opinions about the Star Wars movies? Should Disney continue off of an already awesome series?