Trying To Talk Fashion

Fashion Blunders – Cold Weather Styles

1. USING LEGGINGS AS PANTS – You all know what I am talking about. Every time it gets cold girls pull out the leggings and wear them around like yoga pants. By the way, LEGGINGS ARE NOT YOGA PANTS. Yes you may be able to see some detail when you wear yoga pants but they are nothing like wearing leggings. The only people that want a nice view of the stuff under the leggings are the boys. The girls around you just wish you had something covering… that area. Let’s be real too. Leggings really don’t keep you that warm. Its like only wearing your long underwear out in the snow. Nobody does it. Plain and simple. Lets look at proper ways leggings should be worn to save the other women around you (sorry boys).

No more leggings in 2012!

A)  If you must use your leggings as pants, then please wear a long enough shirt to cover the “areas” other girls do not want you showing off. Buy an Xtra large t-shirt like the sorority girls do.. It apparently works for them and saves the rest of us.

B)  Wear them under a dress. If you are feeling flirty in the winter time, buy a long sleeved dress and rock the leggings underneath. It will keep you a little warmer and wont let those cold breezes flip up your dress for everyone to see.

C)  Wear them under shorts. I have done this with those athletic shorts and it works perfectly fine

2. FURRY BOOTS & BARE LEGS – I’m sure you all have seen this before. There are always a few girls who think it is cool to walk around in their furry boots (or UGG boots) and shorts. This is a disaster. Not only are you saying that you just want to wear your furry cutsie boots for show, but also that it is definitely not cold outside. Girls always tend to want to pull out those boots way to early in the season. For example, I was walking to class in October and we had a cold front (65 degrees as a high). The very next day girls were walking around everywhere in their coots and wool coats like it had snowed that night. Girls, please make sure it is ACTUAL boot weather before you pull out that winter gear, and PLEASE, please, please do not wear boots with shorts. 

3. ADULTS IN ANIMAL HATS –Unfortunately everyone has seen this too. It’s alright to keep these fuzzy weird looking hats with ears around for fun purposes, but please do not wear them out as a serious fashion statement in public. Only kids in high school and down are considered “ok” to wear these hats, purely because everyone is aware of the maturity level of these ages of kids. I say once you have started college or are out in the real world, you should put down the scary animal hats and move on to something much classier.

CUTE        VS        WEIRD


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