What’s Up World? – A Look Into The News

This week we had some tragic, crazy, and fun stories. Let’s take a look.

1. ZAYN MALIK CHEATING SCANDAL –  One Direction was caught in the news this week when member Zayn Malik was caught redhanded in a cheating scandal. His current girlfriend Pierre, whom he met on the Xfactor, was on tour with her own band during all of these allegations. She also has apparently seen this behavior before and has taken him back multiple times. It was said that Zayn met a waitress at a nightclub in London where he flirted with her and took her back to his living quarters. The waitress, Courtney, saw what looked like to be girls items (makeup, clothes, ect) lying around his room. According to Courtney, when she asked Zayn about these items he replied with, “Don’t worry, she is on tour”. Now everyone is asking, where is the proof? After a night of “fun”, the waitress was able to snap a few pictures of the sleeping Zayn and his numerous identifiable tattoos. After the rumors started to spread, Zayn immediately flew to where his girlfriend was to try and save the relationship. All I can say is… I’m glad I am in love with Harry! Read the full article HERE.

2.GIRL MEETS WORLD – Well folks, the 90s TV show Boy Meets World announced about a month ago that they are going to do a follow up series call Girl Meets World. The producers officially announced yesterday that the 

actress that will be playing the daughter of Cory and Topanga is Rowan Blanchard. The producer Michael Jacobs commented on his choice for the daughter,”Rowan is real and accessible, and I am hopeful this girl is about to meet a world that will love growing up with her as well.” I can sure tell you that I am excited and hopeful for this follow up series. I loved Boy Meets Worldwhen I was young  and I really hope they can get the same magic the Cory and Topanga and all the other characters brought to the show. Who do I hope makes a guest star appearance? It would be awesome to see Uncle Eric because he was a major comedic relief and not to mention adorable. The series also wouldn’t be complete without the appearance of best friend Shawn. Read more HERE.

3. LINDSAY LOHAN SKIPS COURT (AGAIN) – Lindsay Lohan really does find a way to make it into the news whether she likes it or not. This past week Lindsay was supposed to come to court on who knows what accounts. At last minutes there was a plead to the judge that poor Lindsay was “too sick to fly” because she had something “like” the flu. I wonder if she has ever thought, “if I just got all the jail/court time over, I could be care free by now”. But apparently that isn’t the case. Come on Lindsay! We are all cheering you on so that we can stop reading about your life everyday in the paper for once. Read more HERE. LINDSAY
Thanks for reading!




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