Is Vehicular Chivalry Dead?

This may seem like a rant to those of you reading this. That’s because it is.  Today I was feeling extra generous in the parking lot. I was in the thirty minute plus exit line to get out of the lot. There are about 15 intersecting isles that people must try to merge out of to get in the exit line, just to give you the blueprint. I always feel like a good citizen when I let people merge in the exit line that took me forever to get into. It’s like saying, “here, please cut me, out of the pure kindness of my heart, I will let you in”. I don’t know about other people, but when someone lets me in, I am like waving and blowing kisses to the person because I know the sacrifice made. I guess everyone doesn’t see it like that. I let a total of 5 people in line ahead of me, and only 1 actually acknowledged my existence.It was like they owned that spot and were going to take it whether I would let them or not. I was like, “man, people are not as thankful and appreciative as they once were”! The End. Sorry about that, but it just really bothered me today. So remember people, always be thankful of someone doing something kind for you, because you could still be sitting in that line another 30 minutes before someone as kind as me rolls along.


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