Feeling Crafty?

Last summer I “dabbled” in a few craft projects straight from Pinterest! I learned that crafting isn’t just the easiest thing to do. It gets quite messy and really helps show you if you were blessed with creative talent or not.  Fortunately for me, I have some creative skill and decided to attempt what the the other crafters in the world were doing. CRAYON ART. This is really not for the faint of heart crafters. This takes blood and guts trying to get your masterpiece the way you desire. Here are some examples of what mine turned out like.



1. Take some canvas or really thick board.

2 a) Hot glue the crayons you want to melt at the top of the board.

2 b) OR you and help one tip of the crayon in the air with your fingers while you melt it (I did it this way)

3. Take a hairdryer and put it on HIGH HEAT – LOW FLOW

4. Sit (patiently) until your crayons start to melt. (Takes a few minutes)

5. If holding crayons with your fingers, gently rest against top of page when it starts to melt

6. It dries really quickly so you want to follow the drops with the dryer to get them to desired length

7. This project took me a long while to complete each design to my desired perfection. It takes a couple tries to get it right!

8. Eventually you can create designs with layered painters tape, tape it to your canvas, and then melt the crayons.

WARNING! The crayon does splatter everywhere! I used newspaper and hung it around where I was melting!


This one is for my MOM!

This one is for my MOM!


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