Mondays Menu – Mexican

Todays special recipe is… (drumroll)…. TOSTADAS! Now there are many ways to do a traditional tostada. The way I am going to share with you is CHEAP, YUMMY, AND QUICK. Literally takes me only ten minutes or less to make. These “mexican pizzas” may not be purely “authentic” but they sure are good!


Generic brand tostadas

1 can of refried beans

Shredded Cheddar or Mexican Blend cheese

-Toppings (Any Combination)-



Shredded lettuce


Sour Cream


1. Set your stove to LOW BROIL

2. Open the beans and layer them on to the tostadas (As much as you like)

3. Throw some shredded cheese on top (I put a good amount)

4. Make guacamole if you plan on putting it on your tostada (Its soooo good. I recommend it)

5. Throw the tostadas in the over for only about three minutes. (Don’t want to burn them!)

6. Take them out and put on any toppings you would like!

7. My personal tostada would have guacamole, shredded lettuce, and hamburger sliced pickles on it

– (I know that sounds gross but it is actually a good ¬†substitute if you don’t care for jalapenos!)


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