Make Your Eyelashes Look Longer!

Here are 7 ways that you can make your eyelashes look and feel longer!


1. BRUSH YOUR LASHES – Girls are always complaining about clumpy eyelashes which can lead to them looking not as full and smaller. Well ladies, the solution is to buy a small eye lash brush which can be found in almost any makeup section. I would suggest using it before you put on mascara and after to make sure you have defined each lash to its greatest length and thickness. It creates a much fuller look.


2. Use an EYELASH CURLER – Most women already know about this technique. Before or after using the Eye Lash Brush, take you curler and get as close to the base of your eyelashes as possible. I generally clamp and hold for at least five seconds on each eye. Gently remove and do the other eye. WARNING! I would not suggest using this after putting on the mascara. I have heard horror stories about girls ripping off their eyelashes when removing the curler!

3. BUY LENGTHENING MASCARA – I know it sounds obvious but lengthening mascara really does work! My brand of choice is CoverGirl but any will do the trick!

4. DOUBLE UP ON APPLICATION – This is really for girls with short lashes or even sparse lashes. After applying your first coat of mascara, wait for a minute or two then apply another coat before the first one dries. This will not only help with length but also volume!

5. POWDER THE LASHES – I have stumbled upon this technique through experience of putting on mascara! What I typically do is put all of my skin makeup on first. When putting on your final coat of powder, you want to make sure that you run over your eyes with the brush. Not only to get an even face but to “pixie dust” your lashes. I’m not sure why having face powder on your lashes helps but it actually makes your eyelashes fuller when putting on the mascara!

6. ZIG ZAG THE BRUSH- When applying I find myself rubbing back and forth on my lashes with the brush. It spreads the mascara not only to the front of your lashes but to the sides as well which aide in getting a fuller look. TRY IT!

7. FALSIES – I wouldn’t normally recommend wearing falsies because i’m sure your eyelashes are not as bad as you think. But if your eyelashes are not behaving that day, then grab those false lashes you have in a drawer somewhere and slap em on. Automatic full and voluminous look.


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