Taylor Swift vs Working Out?

I realize that everybody has a different opinion of Taylor Swift. Mine flips back and   forth depending on who she is dating at the time and if they happen to be on MY future boyfriend list. But besides that fact, I must say that a few of her songs on the new album RED really have intrigued me.Today I actually went to workout at my college’s REC center. I am trying to be better about working out and today marks day one of getting in shape (haha we will see how long that lasts). I brought my ipod and thought I should listen to some hardcore music to get in the “workout” mood. I put on shuffle and guess what… Taylor Swift’s song “I Almost Do” came on (definitely not hardcore). I almost changed it and then just decided to roll with it. Twenty minutes later I have changed from shuffle to the wide range of depressing Taylor Swift songs on my ipod. I don’t know what it was about those songs but it totally fueled my workout mood. I would just close my eyes (like a weirdo) and mouth along with the words (like a bigger weirdo). I don’t know if it was the level of drama in the songs Taylor Swift seems to put out but it helped me rock my thirty minutes of cardio before I was worn out and wanted some greasy chinese food. So if next time you are looking for some workout music and happen to be a slight Swift fan, then set the tunes to her most depressing love tunes and rock on.

Exactly what my body looks like...    


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