5 TV Characters I Would Totally Date

1. Jim Halpert. Not only is Jim just adorable in the TV show The Office, but he is insanely cute as well. He has a quick sense of humor and an eye for trouble, but never fails to amaze us with his kind and loving personality.

2. Ezra Fitz. This hot english teacher from Pretty Little Liars definitely would have me paying attention in class. Who cares if he is dating a student played to be MUCH younger than him? That’s actually the only dangerous things about this harmless gem.  He is also pinned as naive and sensitive, but  has a romantic spark in him that any girl would fall in love with.

3. Ted Mosby. How is Ted single through 1000 seasons of How I Met Your Mother? Ted is a aspiring  to be a big name architect that just has bad luck with love. He is hilarious without even trying and has a great group of friends any girlfriend would want their boyfriend to be around. Ted seems like he would be a great boyfriend that truly cared about the girls feelings. Mostly because Ted is portrayed as sensitive and emotional as the girls he dates. Setting aside that fact… I would totally date the crap out of him.

4. Marshall Eriksen. Again from How I Met Your Mother, Marshall is the most literal term of the”Perfect Husband”. He is hilarious and will put up with just about anything. Being sensitive and sweet he only comes off as a big teddy bear. He makes being a great husband look EASY.

5. Prince Charming. In the hit TV show Once, Prince Charming definitely takes the term hot to a whole different level. Running around in tights in all the episodes definitely don’t make him difficult on the eyes. He is brave, smart, daring, and very caring towards the people he loves and protects. Any girl would be swept off their feet by an man of such respect and elegance.


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