Crazy Cat Lady

Sooooo some people say they are dog people and some people say they are cat people. To be perfectly honest, I love all animals! But since I currently only own a kitten, cats are on my mind. I don’t know what it is about cats that I find so oddly interesting. Is it their curiosity? Is it their ability to make situations just…weird? My kitten Jasmine definitely has these and many other qualities that would make anybody crack up. I seriously think she is part dog though. She plays actually fetch with me and I love it. She also watches TV, carries around her little toy mouse like a bone, licks people when she is happy, bounces around all crazy, and takes big naps when she has accomplished all of the above. Here is… the one and only….. JASMINE!



I just noticed that all my pictures of her are when she is sleeping! She is way too hyper when she is awake to snap a cute picture of her!


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