Les Mis’erables – Review

Although this movie may be about “The Miserable”, it definitely was not miserable to sit through! I have to be honest though, I was a little worried whether Hugh Jackman could sing or not. Turns out that he actually did quite a fantastic job of portraying the role. For those of you who do not know the summary of the story, here it goes. Set during the French Revolution, there is a man newly released from prison who had only stolen a load of bread for his family. Jean Valjean (ex criminal) devotes his life to living the godly way and to make a new name for himself. All this time not showing up to his parole officer and being chased down by Javert (Russell Crowe) throughout the entire movie. Valjean rescues a little girl by the name of Cosette (Amanda Seyfried), daughter of new found prostitute Fantine (Anne Hathaway). Valjean takes care of Cosette and we flash forwards several years to the next part of the movie. Still hiding from Javert, Valjean has several hiding out houses that he and Cosette move to and from in times of danger. Cosette, now a beautiful young teenager, falls in love with rebel Marius (Eddie Redmayne) who one of the main planners of the upcoming attack to start the revolution. Javert finds out that Valjean and Cosette are un town so they must move quickly. Cosette and Marius write one last love letter to each other which is intercepted by Valjean. He realizes that his daughter needs a husband and decides to go to the barricade where the rebels are and protect Marius from harm. When the bloody scenes start, Marius gets shot early and Valjean carries his limp body through mud and sewer to get away from the death and despair of the barricade. They run in Javert who is read to arrest Valjean. Valjean pleads with Javert to at least let him take his daughter Marius. Javert has a epiphany due to the several times Valjean has saved his life throughout the movie. After He lets Valjean by he jumps off the top of a building ending his characters life. In the end of the movie Marius and Cosette get married. They owe their lives to Valjean for saving Marius. In the last couple scenes, Valjean is escorted to heaven by Cosette’s mother Fantine. They all sing together and BAM! End of the movie.

I have to say that if you are not a fan of operas and musicals then you most likely will not enjoy this movie. Although advertised as a musical, it is more like an opera. I say this because there are only four or five words spoken the entire movie. If you do not understand the basic story of the movie it is a little hard to follow because of the continuous singing of words. Over all it was a fantastic production and won BEST MOVIE at the Golden Globes. The cast is great and the singing superb. I would recommend this movie to anybody!


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