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By: Alex Goot, Kurt Schnieder, and Chrissy Costanza


Trying To Talk Fashion

Fashion Blunders – Cold Weather Styles

1. USING LEGGINGS AS PANTS – You all know what I am talking about. Every time it gets cold girls pull out the leggings and wear them around like yoga pants. By the way, LEGGINGS ARE NOT YOGA PANTS. Yes you may be able to see some detail when you wear yoga pants but they are nothing like wearing leggings. The only people that want a nice view of the stuff under the leggings are the boys. The girls around you just wish you had something covering… that area. Let’s be real too. Leggings really don’t keep you that warm. Its like only wearing your long underwear out in the snow. Nobody does it. Plain and simple. Lets look at proper ways leggings should be worn to save the other women around you (sorry boys).

No more leggings in 2012!

A)  If you must use your leggings as pants, then please wear a long enough shirt to cover the “areas” other girls do not want you showing off. Buy an Xtra large t-shirt like the sorority girls do.. It apparently works for them and saves the rest of us.

B)  Wear them under a dress. If you are feeling flirty in the winter time, buy a long sleeved dress and rock the leggings underneath. It will keep you a little warmer and wont let those cold breezes flip up your dress for everyone to see.

C)  Wear them under shorts. I have done this with those athletic shorts and it works perfectly fine

2. FURRY BOOTS & BARE LEGS – I’m sure you all have seen this before. There are always a few girls who think it is cool to walk around in their furry boots (or UGG boots) and shorts. This is a disaster. Not only are you saying that you just want to wear your furry cutsie boots for show, but also that it is definitely not cold outside. Girls always tend to want to pull out those boots way to early in the season. For example, I was walking to class in October and we had a cold front (65 degrees as a high). The very next day girls were walking around everywhere in their coots and wool coats like it had snowed that night. Girls, please make sure it is ACTUAL boot weather before you pull out that winter gear, and PLEASE, please, please do not wear boots with shorts. 

3. ADULTS IN ANIMAL HATS –Unfortunately everyone has seen this too. It’s alright to keep these fuzzy weird looking hats with ears around for fun purposes, but please do not wear them out as a serious fashion statement in public. Only kids in high school and down are considered “ok” to wear these hats, purely because everyone is aware of the maturity level of these ages of kids. I say once you have started college or are out in the real world, you should put down the scary animal hats and move on to something much classier.

CUTE        VS        WEIRD


Is Vehicular Chivalry Dead?

This may seem like a rant to those of you reading this. That’s because it is.  Today I was feeling extra generous in the parking lot. I was in the thirty minute plus exit line to get out of the lot. There are about 15 intersecting isles that people must try to merge out of to get in the exit line, just to give you the blueprint. I always feel like a good citizen when I let people merge in the exit line that took me forever to get into. It’s like saying, “here, please cut me, out of the pure kindness of my heart, I will let you in”. I don’t know about other people, but when someone lets me in, I am like waving and blowing kisses to the person because I know the sacrifice made. I guess everyone doesn’t see it like that. I let a total of 5 people in line ahead of me, and only 1 actually acknowledged my existence.It was like they owned that spot and were going to take it whether I would let them or not. I was like, “man, people are not as thankful and appreciative as they once were”! The End. Sorry about that, but it just really bothered me today. So remember people, always be thankful of someone doing something kind for you, because you could still be sitting in that line another 30 minutes before someone as kind as me rolls along.


What’s Up World? – A Look Into The News

This week we had some tragic, crazy, and fun stories. Let’s take a look.

1. ZAYN MALIK CHEATING SCANDAL –  One Direction was caught in the news this week when member Zayn Malik was caught redhanded in a cheating scandal. His current girlfriend Pierre, whom he met on the Xfactor, was on tour with her own band during all of these allegations. She also has apparently seen this behavior before and has taken him back multiple times. It was said that Zayn met a waitress at a nightclub in London where he flirted with her and took her back to his living quarters. The waitress, Courtney, saw what looked like to be girls items (makeup, clothes, ect) lying around his room. According to Courtney, when she asked Zayn about these items he replied with, “Don’t worry, she is on tour”. Now everyone is asking, where is the proof? After a night of “fun”, the waitress was able to snap a few pictures of the sleeping Zayn and his numerous identifiable tattoos. After the rumors started to spread, Zayn immediately flew to where his girlfriend was to try and save the relationship. All I can say is… I’m glad I am in love with Harry! Read the full article HERE.

2.GIRL MEETS WORLD – Well folks, the 90s TV show Boy Meets World announced about a month ago that they are going to do a follow up series call Girl Meets World. The producers officially announced yesterday that the 

actress that will be playing the daughter of Cory and Topanga is Rowan Blanchard. The producer Michael Jacobs commented on his choice for the daughter,”Rowan is real and accessible, and I am hopeful this girl is about to meet a world that will love growing up with her as well.” I can sure tell you that I am excited and hopeful for this follow up series. I loved Boy Meets Worldwhen I was young  and I really hope they can get the same magic the Cory and Topanga and all the other characters brought to the show. Who do I hope makes a guest star appearance? It would be awesome to see Uncle Eric because he was a major comedic relief and not to mention adorable. The series also wouldn’t be complete without the appearance of best friend Shawn. Read more HERE.

3. LINDSAY LOHAN SKIPS COURT (AGAIN) – Lindsay Lohan really does find a way to make it into the news whether she likes it or not. This past week Lindsay was supposed to come to court on who knows what accounts. At last minutes there was a plead to the judge that poor Lindsay was “too sick to fly” because she had something “like” the flu. I wonder if she has ever thought, “if I just got all the jail/court time over, I could be care free by now”. But apparently that isn’t the case. Come on Lindsay! We are all cheering you on so that we can stop reading about your life everyday in the paper for once. Read more HERE. LINDSAY
Thanks for reading!




Long Distance Relationship Tips

Long distance relationships suck. But if you are willing to be in one, there are a few things you need to make sure to do!

I am in a four year relationship right now with my high school sweetheart. Two of those four years he was doing the college thing and I was still finishing high school. I have a little experience when it comes to this!

 1. COMMUNICATION! – It sounds easy, but it is far from that. Communication is the only thing (besides love hopefully) you have that holds you to a person when you are in a long distance relationship. My boyfriend and I would talk EVERY NIGHT. This was one of the things that would help me miss him a little less when I would get lonely and upset. The other side of communication is making sure you voice your opinion if you are uncomfortable with something. If you think he is spending too much time with a girl friend of his then do not keep it bottled up. These things can fume inside of you and eventually terminate a once very happy loving relationship.

2. DECIDE WHAT IS RIGHT FOR YOU – If you are not feeling the long distance relationship, then don’t force yourself to stay in it because of the other person. You always need to go with your gut feeling. If you truly are in love and want to make it work then know it is possible. Just make sure you think about it early on and decide what YOU want to do. It really isn’t for everybody.

3. TRUST – This is a really hard thing for couples in long distance relationships because you can’t monitor as closely what the significant other is doing. I feel like there is a misconception that people are going to cheat in long distance relationships when actually people cheat in all types of relationships. It all depends on the guy and girl involved. It also depends on how often you see each other and your communication. If you do suspect your man to be cheating then do not hang around to get the burn. Confront him and if he isn’t convincing, then ask yourself if you really should stick around. Make sure though that before starting a long distance thing, that you really look inside you and come to the grips with knowing if you actually do trust this person.

4. KEEP THE SPARK – A huge part of these relationships deals with making sure you “keep the spark” or “rekindle the flame”. Because you will feel lonely and sad, and you will miss the physical contact between you and that person. The best way I found to do this was to facetime, send pictures, send letters, send little gifts, and even drive up some weekend and surprise them. I did all of these in my relationship and it always made me and my boyfriend so much happier. Just getting to see him on the computer webcam was more than just texting all day. Be creative! I wrote “52 reasons why I love you” on a deck of cards and sent him several cards in the mail each time I sent him a letter or package.

 5. FILL YOUR LIFE WITH ACTIVITY – If you are sitting around on your computer or TV all day, you are bound to miss them 100 times more. TRUST ME! I filled my time up with school clubs, sports, community service, hanging out with friends, making new friends, and even got a job! Find something else to do other than pick at your thoughts about “why hasn’t he texted me back?”, or “what is he doing right now?”.


Hope These Have Helped A Little!




Man Crush – Chris Hemsworth


Who doesn’t like a hot australian accent? Luckily that is exactly what you get when you listen in on a conversation with Chris Hemsworth. Don’t let the extremely muscular build, tan body, or gorgeous eyes fool you! Chris plays a wide range of dangerous and intesnse characters. All the way from The Avengers and Thor, to Snow White and the Huntsman and The Cabin in the Woods. Checking in at a height of 6’3, Chris surely has enough arm space to hold you tight in his bulging man arms.


Five Ways To Always Feel Awesome

Who doesn’t like being in the best mood ever? My friends would say that I am one of the happiest most optimistic people they know. How can I do this almost everyday? These 5 steps!


1. SMILE! 🙂 You don’t realize how much smiling can make your day improve! Find something. Even if it is as small as eating your favorite sandwhich. You always have something worth smiling about. Trust me.


2.INDULGEWho cares if you have already had a cupcake that day? Eat another! The only opinion you should care about is your own! If you want to do something then do it. Don’t miss out on opportunities to make yourself happy because you’re trying to lose weight or trying to be better about something.


3. SPEND TIME WITH PEOPLE YOU LOVEThis is a two way street. If you surround yourself with people who actually care about you and your feelings then you will be happier. Why have people in your life that only like you every other month? Or only like you because of a certain way you act only around them? If you have people in your life who know the real you, then keep  them close.


4. TAKE IN YOUR SURROUNDINGS– In other words this means focus on the details. Not necessarily in the work or school aspect, but in more of a pleasant way. Have you noticed how soft your scarf is today? Or how delicious your dinner smells? If you take in the small details that you miss everyday and enjoy them, its seems like you have endless amounts of time and joy.


5. LOVE YOURSELF– This can actually be the hardest of the tips. Loving yourself is something that you must learn to do. Nobody thinks they are perfect but if you harp on the negatives (body weight, blemishes, braces, birthmarks, ect.), then you will never be happy with yourself. Focus on your strengths and what you do well; not your weaknesses. This might not happen right away, but if you repeat these steps everyday, then you are on your way to a healthier, happier, more loving life.


Feeling Crafty?

Last summer I “dabbled” in a few craft projects straight from Pinterest! I learned that crafting isn’t just the easiest thing to do. It gets quite messy and really helps show you if you were blessed with creative talent or not.  Fortunately for me, I have some creative skill and decided to attempt what the the other crafters in the world were doing. CRAYON ART. This is really not for the faint of heart crafters. This takes blood and guts trying to get your masterpiece the way you desire. Here are some examples of what mine turned out like.



1. Take some canvas or really thick board.

2 a) Hot glue the crayons you want to melt at the top of the board.

2 b) OR you and help one tip of the crayon in the air with your fingers while you melt it (I did it this way)

3. Take a hairdryer and put it on HIGH HEAT – LOW FLOW

4. Sit (patiently) until your crayons start to melt. (Takes a few minutes)

5. If holding crayons with your fingers, gently rest against top of page when it starts to melt

6. It dries really quickly so you want to follow the drops with the dryer to get them to desired length

7. This project took me a long while to complete each design to my desired perfection. It takes a couple tries to get it right!

8. Eventually you can create designs with layered painters tape, tape it to your canvas, and then melt the crayons.

WARNING! The crayon does splatter everywhere! I used newspaper and hung it around where I was melting!


This one is for my MOM!

This one is for my MOM!


Mondays Menu – Mexican

Todays special recipe is… (drumroll)…. TOSTADAS! Now there are many ways to do a traditional tostada. The way I am going to share with you is CHEAP, YUMMY, AND QUICK. Literally takes me only ten minutes or less to make. These “mexican pizzas” may not be purely “authentic” but they sure are good!


Generic brand tostadas

1 can of refried beans

Shredded Cheddar or Mexican Blend cheese

-Toppings (Any Combination)-



Shredded lettuce


Sour Cream


1. Set your stove to LOW BROIL

2. Open the beans and layer them on to the tostadas (As much as you like)

3. Throw some shredded cheese on top (I put a good amount)

4. Make guacamole if you plan on putting it on your tostada (Its soooo good. I recommend it)

5. Throw the tostadas in the over for only about three minutes. (Don’t want to burn them!)

6. Take them out and put on any toppings you would like!

7. My personal tostada would have guacamole, shredded lettuce, and hamburger sliced pickles on it

– (I know that sounds gross but it is actually a good  substitute if you don’t care for jalapenos!)


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5 TV Characters I Would Totally Date

1. Jim Halpert. Not only is Jim just adorable in the TV show The Office, but he is insanely cute as well. He has a quick sense of humor and an eye for trouble, but never fails to amaze us with his kind and loving personality.

2. Ezra Fitz. This hot english teacher from Pretty Little Liars definitely would have me paying attention in class. Who cares if he is dating a student played to be MUCH younger than him? That’s actually the only dangerous things about this harmless gem.  He is also pinned as naive and sensitive, but  has a romantic spark in him that any girl would fall in love with.

3. Ted Mosby. How is Ted single through 1000 seasons of How I Met Your Mother? Ted is a aspiring  to be a big name architect that just has bad luck with love. He is hilarious without even trying and has a great group of friends any girlfriend would want their boyfriend to be around. Ted seems like he would be a great boyfriend that truly cared about the girls feelings. Mostly because Ted is portrayed as sensitive and emotional as the girls he dates. Setting aside that fact… I would totally date the crap out of him.

4. Marshall Eriksen. Again from How I Met Your Mother, Marshall is the most literal term of the”Perfect Husband”. He is hilarious and will put up with just about anything. Being sensitive and sweet he only comes off as a big teddy bear. He makes being a great husband look EASY.

5. Prince Charming. In the hit TV show Once, Prince Charming definitely takes the term hot to a whole different level. Running around in tights in all the episodes definitely don’t make him difficult on the eyes. He is brave, smart, daring, and very caring towards the people he loves and protects. Any girl would be swept off their feet by an man of such respect and elegance.


Make Your Eyelashes Look Longer!

Here are 7 ways that you can make your eyelashes look and feel longer!


1. BRUSH YOUR LASHES – Girls are always complaining about clumpy eyelashes which can lead to them looking not as full and smaller. Well ladies, the solution is to buy a small eye lash brush which can be found in almost any makeup section. I would suggest using it before you put on mascara and after to make sure you have defined each lash to its greatest length and thickness. It creates a much fuller look.


2. Use an EYELASH CURLER – Most women already know about this technique. Before or after using the Eye Lash Brush, take you curler and get as close to the base of your eyelashes as possible. I generally clamp and hold for at least five seconds on each eye. Gently remove and do the other eye. WARNING! I would not suggest using this after putting on the mascara. I have heard horror stories about girls ripping off their eyelashes when removing the curler!

3. BUY LENGTHENING MASCARA – I know it sounds obvious but lengthening mascara really does work! My brand of choice is CoverGirl but any will do the trick!

4. DOUBLE UP ON APPLICATION – This is really for girls with short lashes or even sparse lashes. After applying your first coat of mascara, wait for a minute or two then apply another coat before the first one dries. This will not only help with length but also volume!

5. POWDER THE LASHES – I have stumbled upon this technique through experience of putting on mascara! What I typically do is put all of my skin makeup on first. When putting on your final coat of powder, you want to make sure that you run over your eyes with the brush. Not only to get an even face but to “pixie dust” your lashes. I’m not sure why having face powder on your lashes helps but it actually makes your eyelashes fuller when putting on the mascara!

6. ZIG ZAG THE BRUSH- When applying I find myself rubbing back and forth on my lashes with the brush. It spreads the mascara not only to the front of your lashes but to the sides as well which aide in getting a fuller look. TRY IT!

7. FALSIES – I wouldn’t normally recommend wearing falsies because i’m sure your eyelashes are not as bad as you think. But if your eyelashes are not behaving that day, then grab those false lashes you have in a drawer somewhere and slap em on. Automatic full and voluminous look.